Erwin Wijanto did such an amazing job photographing one of my recent events,  Megan & Bryan’s wedding.  I couldn’t wait to share his website.Take a look around and you will see how incredible and creative he is.   I take pictures of my flowers, but it’s not the same as getting to see them in their setting, seeing the love and laughter! I get to share in the experience and it is awesome to be able to see my work in a new light!  They had a lovely venue, the gardens at the University of Washington Arboretum, everything was beautiful. Roberts did the photography for another of my lovely brides, Carol! Harry & Carol held there special event at the Lake Union Yacht Club, it was a hot summer evening and the perfect place for a romantic occasion.  Amber did a fantastic job of capturing the romance of the evening. I really loved the video at the end of the pictures.  Once again, her fantastic photography skill made my flowers look fabulous.

Donesha & Clyde’s wedding was held at Newcastle, spectacular view, a fun loving group. This was a challenge to plan becasue the bride did not arrive in town until the last minute, but we managed to get the job done, and as you can see Benny Photography did a terrific job showcasing the couple and all the fun! Donesha’s bouquet is by far the most requested loo. Brides always bring that photograph of the chocolate callas and white roses bouquet to consultations and ask for something like it.  How can you go wrong with chocolate and champagne!

Alisia & Andrew were a joy to work with! La Vie Photography did an amazing job. They have a knack for photographing exquisite detail.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful location overlooking the water, perfect weather, and one of my favorite bouquets, natural and organic looking.  La Vie of course makes it look like something I might find in a magazine.  This wedding was a joy which shows in all the photos!