The Ample Harvest campaign diminishes hunger by enabling backyard gardeners to share their excess produce with neighborhood food banks.  I recently became aware of this organization through some fellow twitter farmers and of course I promptly looked up my neighborhood food bank to see if they were members. I was happy to discover that they were members. I was excited to see this!

Hopelink  just opened a new facility just down the street from my new location,  11011 120th Avenue N.E. in Kirkland, and I have been hearing some great things about the new facility.  One of the most exciting things I recently heard was that they offer  a whole new format for a  food bank.  They have it set up more like a grocery store.  Research shows that people don’t always eat the way that the food bank gives out food.  So they have organized it like a grocery store, where families can come in and shop just like you would in a grocery store. Each family has it’s allotment based upon need. Families have  more freedom to get food that they actually want and end up eating healthier as a result. You can read the news story here: I am so excited about this new food bank model, and even more excited about Ample Harvest, it’s  the missing piece to our nations food bank models.

I know that it is the end of growing season, but I wanted to post this so that we could all think about adding an extra 2 or 3 plants of lettuce, beans or tomatoes, or whatever you love to grow, just so that you could know that we can all help provide healthy & nutritionally great food to families through a simple distribution model.

I really did not know that you could donate fresh produce and I’ve just never given it a thought until now.  I always think of non perishable items when I think of giving food to a food bank.  I know that I have always felt bad every time I drive by an apple tree and see the apples going to waste.  My friend Leslie has made me aware of an organization called Fallen Fruit, which is an activist group that is mapping fallen fruit around the country so that it can be put to good use.  It’s a great idea! I think this takes it a step farther by enabling individuals the opportunity to make a choice to donate to a good cause like which has the connections to get local FRESH natural food into the hands of the families and individuals who need it the most.