I recently became aware of Laura Dowling on Twitter, because someone posted that she was in the running to become the next florist to the White House.  The Washington Post http://voices.washingtonpost.com/reliable-source/2009/10/rs-florist19.htmlalso had some news stories about her, and said they had heard from a good source that she was going to be the next florist for the Obama Family.  According to the reports she is just one of the floral designers in the running.  I haven’t heard any announcements since then, so I do not know if she was chosen or not. The story did make me curious as to who she was, and what kind of design she does.  You can see her work here: http://www.lauradowling.com/

I do have to say that after exploring her site and reading her blog, I was impressed!  I like the fact that she has a very refined sense of design but it is not overly formal.  I feel like she has a great sense of how important nature is to the design process, and she does a good job of reflecting this in her work.

I’m really inspired by her work, because I feel like it is reflects the trends that  I am seeing in my day to day encounters with brides and my flower loving customers.  One of my clients  just returned from living in France for two years and one of the first things he noticed when he returned was how terrible flowers were here in the US and we had a long conversation about how it could be improved. I  like the fact that the White House is searching for a new look that is less formal. It might just reflect our sense of getting back to the basics.

Since I am a floral designer, I am always looking for new inspiration, heart and soul! I think this designer shows a little bit of all of these traits, plus a contemporary twist that is quite refreshing!

I’d love to hear from anyone who  has fresh ideas about flowers here in the United States or even the worldwide flower industry in general, whether it is with regards to production, distribution, design or growing.

Can’t wait to see who becomes the next floral designer in the White House, I’m sure she will have influence in how the trends develop.

Nov. 20th ……….An Update:

Check out this latest update on Laura Dowling~ I’m happy!


Another updated article, worth checking out…


Well, since I have written the previous post, it has now been confirmed that Laura Dowling is the next florist to the White House.  The above link was interesting reading regarding future trends and the difference between the US and French style to design.  It is a terrific article, with lots of design aspects to think  about & I suggest reading it if you are interested in the subject of floral design.

I’m pretty sure that my link to her blog and website will no longer work, since she has become a world figure,  her  online persona has to now take a step back from the public limelight, which of course I can relate to! The floral business is all about being discreet!

I agree with all the media hoopla,  I can’t wait to see what Laura brings to the state dinner on November 24th. Wow, talk about pressure? Yikes! Having been in similar situations, I am impressed, and also so excited to see her work. I have no doubt that it will be amazing! She is turning out to be a rock star, and a great role model  and she is providing inspiration to the talent that exists in our industry that has yet to be discovered!


Congratulations to Laura!