Let’s face it, flowers can be purchased almost everywhere. Every day I drive by the roadside flower tent, every week I visit the farmers market, and I shop the grocery store and I know from experience that they all think they can get in on the flower business and make a quick buck.

As a consumer you need to know that the standards  between flowers vary a lot between all of these sources.  There are flower rejects everywhere, and globally billions of flowers are purchased daily even though some folks think they aren’t functional or even necessary.   I’ve heard it all, “in lieu of flowers” or ” Flowers just die” or ” Flowers don’t last. I really can’t think of any other seemingly useless commodity that gives such delight and sends a message of forgiveness, or lets someone know you appreciate them, or tells them how much you love them, or that you are just thinking about them and miss them.

I’ve had customers who want to send plants instead, because they are long lasting, but I always have to remind them that plants come with a responsibility to be cared for.  It’s a little like buying a puppy for someone. You need to ask yourself if the person receiving your gift will share your excitement, once they know they have to care for it everyday.  Sadly, plants will die too if you do not take care of them.  At least with flowers, we know they are dead once they are cut, and that they are going to end up in the compost heap once they die in a few weeks, which is not necessarily a bad thing!  “Green” is good but make sure you think about the person receiving the gift and make sure they like gardening if you are giving them a plant.  Also, please don’t send a plant that is so huge that the person has to redecorate in order to fit it into their decor.  That is not a nice gift!   Sometimes the guilt free gift of flowers is a way better to go.

When I think about Brittany Flowers, I  think of ourselves as being at the top of the flower ladder, our flower shop is ” design oriented” . We are kind of funky now that we have relocated to our new design space which is way less than our grandiose retail storefront of the past 33 years, but one thing I can say for sure about us, is that we truly care about flowers! You are always guaranteed to have ” FRESH” and have access to a pretty diverse selection that comes from every country around the globe.  We buy from New Zealand, Holland, Columbia, Ecquador, California, Chile, Canada, Africa, Mexico, Australia, United States, small local farmers and organic farmers. It’s a hugely diverse business, and in some small villages and towns, it is the only source of income they have.

We know the flower business, we know how to care for flowers to get the most out of them, we know specific varieties,we know their life expectancy, and we know how to cater to our customers.  Our customer’s have impeccable taste, they are passionate about flowers, they enjoy buying flowers. The folks who buy from us are more than customers, they are our friends.  We’ve been there for the births of their babies and the deaths of their loved ones, and all the spaces in between the beads of life. I really encourage you to think about developing a life long relationship with your local florist. Find one you love and get to know what they do and how much passion they have for farming,  plants,  and the art of design. I wish you a new found friend in the process!