So I really have to be thankful and thank my lucky stars for Teleflora’s technology department!  I’ve been a little busy this past week, having had to go back to the dark ages (as in what we did before computers)

My point of sale system had a meltdown this last week, and we have been living proof of just how it is possible to go back to pen and paper!  Now I do have to admit that the first day was rather horrifying.  Actually worse than you could even imagine!  I think I’ve become lazy. I can type fast, but I found out this past week that I can’t write so fast and a paper system is really mind boggling.  I can see why we gave it up! I’m surprised at how hard it was to have to hand write the orders and hand write the cards.   I have to admit that it did get easier as the week went on, but I kept asking myself all week if I really liked going back to the old fashioned way of writing?  It was a funny revelation  because I am a bit old fashioned and I appreciate the past and all of  the things it tends to offer.  I love history, and I’m a bit of a  genealogist, I love family traditions!   So what’s up with my lack of being able to function without a computer…??? it made me feel just a little bit crazy. What has become of me?

As I thought about it and wondered why I am so lacking,  I realized that my daughter has not ever been without a computer in her life because it’s her generation and she is good with computers.  I thought I had accepted the fact that while computers are a different way of life for me, I’ve managed to do a pretty good job of learning the computer ropes. Although I can tell you that there is nothing like a massive extended computer malfunction to make you realize that you better not give up on your real talent, you know,the old fashioned talents like reading, writing and arithmetic. These are skills your are going to need now and in the future! Based upon my past week, you better keep those skills sharp since you do not know when the time is going to arise and you may have no choice but to rely on your old memory bank of skills dating back to the pre computer era 🙂 ( kind sound prehistoric doesn’t it? 🙂

Anyway, we are back online, database has been saved, and my poor tech guy can start breathing and stop sweating!  Gotta love what those guys do for a living!   HUGS & KISSES to them for saving me in my busiest month of the year, second to Valentines Day, which is the MOST stressful time of the year!

Time for me to take a break ( can I sleep in tomorrow) and take a breath of fresh air..and appreciate the talent that abounds!  Nope, it’s December, and that’s not going to happen until December 25th! But oh boy am I thankful.

Also have to give a big HUG to all of my patient customers who are so used to my great service, who thought I may have lost my mind! Really it was just stress, it caused me to stop being able to function..thank you for your understanding and patience when  I couldn’t remember your credit card number by heart..I love you all! 🙂

I’m so tired I may have to go back and rewrite this later when I’ve had a moment to recover from this weeks stress 🙂