The wedding shows have begun and the season is winding up! I’m looking forward to the fun and creative planning with all the new brides.  For the first time ever, I’ve decided to charge a fee to give a out written estimates. I’m trying to cut out all the work I put into them, only to have people use them for price shopping.  The bottom line is that brides are on a budget, and I have to pay my bills…so this year I am trying something new. I’ll give out a ballpark estimate, but nothing in writing until you’ve decided to book with us. The Consultation fee will be applied as part of your deposit if you book the wedding with us. I think this will save me from the long additional hours I put in each evening typing up estimates and basically planning brides weddings for free.    Hopefully this will cut down on the 3 hours a night I spend doing wedding estimates.  I’ve decide that I want to spend my time doing what I love, which is flowers and design! I’ve also added a wedding planning guide to the website at with estimated costs for wedding items.  Hopefully this will help you estimate your costs.

Just to get you thinking about style and design, I thought I would post some photos from some of last years weddings.  Thanks to Amber Roberts Photography, Erwin Wijanto Photography, Yvonne Wong Photography, Benny Photography, Steve Smith Photography,  Humanature Photography,  La Vie Photography & Red Fish Blue Fish. All wonderful photographers who have taken some amazing pictures for my brides. 

Happy Planning!