So what is  an Inspiration Board?

Well, it’s anything you want it to be, but technically it’s a creative photo collage that inspires you.  It can help keep you focused and organized with your wedding or other creative projects.  They can be done by themes or by color palette. I prefer color palette and I like to do flower inpiration boards to help my brides with the visualization process of flower choices.   When  you are making decisions it really helps to have a visual reminder of all your thoughts right in front of you. It can be created on a bulletin board, or foam core board,  or you can make it on the computer in Picasa or Photoshop.  Include color swatches, photos of dresses, tuxes, cake, jewelry, hair styles, flowers and decor ideas, even notes you’ve jotted down. It really helps to have it displayed all in one place, and you can change it all  around as you finalize your plans.  Not only is it fun, but it helps you stay focused and organized.  There are many places to find inspiration boards if you need ideas or don’t want to make your own.

Here is a great site with tons of inspiration boards to browse while planning your wedding.

Here’s a gal who loves to make inspiration boards, email her and she might even offer to make it for you.  Check a few examples of her past work here.

Lot’s of inspiration here as well:

Enjoy planning your wedding!