So I’m not sure if you can see the orchid, but we had fun playing on a site that creates your own personal avatar, so we took a real picture of one of our dancing lady orchids and turned it into an avatar from Pandora. You can see the orchid across the nose and around his eyes if you look closely.( It’s the yellow/brown shape over the nose and above the eyes) .

For those who have seen the movie, you know where Pandora is, and what an avatar  is.  For those that haven’t seen the movie,  I suggest going and seeing it. The computer photography is beautiful!  I thought this orchid avatar was quite appropriate for the lush ecological paradise that they showed on the planet Pandora.  A pretty fun movie, especially if you love plants like I do. I spent more time enjoying the visual feast of the forest than I did listening to the actual story. I did get a little tired of the war scene, kind of went on a little to long for my taste and I’m not a fan of 3D, but this type of 3D didn’t bother me and it was done quite well.  I actually think it added quite a bit to the movie effect.

I also read about the linguist that created the Nav’i language for the film.  He says he talks to himself in the Pandora language,  & it’s pretty boring talking only to himself and he hopes the language will catch on with people here on earth. Pretty interesting and entertaining to think about and it made me laugh! Then there is the story about the botanist that helped create the plants on Pandora, which would have been a fascinating  and fun job! You can also read the story below: