Even though it’s off my usual topic, I have to rave…I really enjoyed the recent concert series on VH1 Classic! It was “Bad Company”.  If you love classic rock, make sure you find the time to check it out!  Paul Rodgers does an amazing job in the singing,  Lynn Sorenson is awesome with the bass and vocals  as well!  I’ve seen Lynn perform locally with Spike & the Impalers,  his  passion and talent always rock!  What a way to enjoy a Friday evening!

Rodgers recently performed in concert with the original Bad Company guitarist Mick Ralphs and drummer Simon Kirke, who continued the group with other singers after Rodgers left the band in 1982.  Lynn Sorenson from Rodgers’ solo band took the place of late bassist Boz Burrell, who died in 2006.

Paul Rodgers who has a passion for writing music and performing,  has an interesting bio, which you can read about here:


Recent Bad Company news is here:


I found the billboard article below interesting, it points to the hard core reality of life.

When  the good guys end up having to defend themselves against those who wants to grab on to your success by being bogus and pretenders, it stinks!

I guess the billboard story struck me because it’s the same thing that is happening to the flower business as well.   Brittany Flowers™ , it’s  just a name, but I won it.

It’s a brand that is trusted in my “small” circle and it’s annoying when people use it for their own gain. Many of my friends in the flower business, have spent thousands of dollars trying to protect their name & reputation..all I can say is “Good for Bad Company”  for making the time to take a stand against the misuse of their name.

Of course on the brighter side, the concert was a great example of the kind of things that are possible when you put your creative energies to use for a good cause! I really loved it!


On a happier note… Check out Jeff Kathan, an amazing drummer.. one of my favs!


And another Rock Star that makes me smile every morning on the Bob Rivers show is Spike! Check out Spike and the Impaler’s here if you love classic rock music.


I keep telling my daughter that some day she will be talking to her kids about her classic bands and how much she loves them too! (Dave Matthews,  her generation)  She called me last week so very excited that she won tickets to DAVE!  I’m pretty sure that will become a classic story some time in the future for her!

I’ve yet to convince her to attend a classic rock concert..I’m working on her though! Then again….hmmm..I’m glad she hasn’t asked me to go to a rap concert…. :0)