If you watched the Food Network recently, you may have seen the show Chopped.  It’s a food cooking competition, and the loser gets chopped from the competition.  It’s a lot of fun to watch!  They give you 3 or 4 items and you have to make something from the ingredients they give you.  They give you guidelines as to whether it is a main course, or a dessert, etc..  It’s a challenge. One of the episodes I watched recently, the chefs were given chocolate and sardines? Yikes what are you going to make with that?  If you’ve never seen the show, check it out, it’s kind of fun to watch.

I thought I’d give you an example of what a tabletop competition is like. It is very similar to the cooking show “Chopped” but you have a bit more creative freedom because you get to choose your items and your theme.  There is a tabletop show coming up next week at Columbia Winery, put on by the International Special  Events Society and the Association of  Bridal Consultants. So here is a  sneak peek preview of the ingredients…. the table will be shown after the show!  Have fun imagining what we are cooking up with the items below:


Candle holders

Chiavari chair

black vase

Black feather

Yellow Satin

Yellow Callas


yellow orchid

silver charger