June 2010

Here’s my vote!  I know in my heart there are many more important issues in life, but if we forget about the grace in our life~ what can the future hold?  I’m with Dale!  Check out Oprah’s audition for the next star!


Check out the experts!


Oprah’s search~



http://www.rhs.org.uk/Shows-Events/RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show/2010 You know I am a big fan of this show!

Someday I will attend~

 This year it was parasols! Fabulous! Isn’t it amazing what you can produce with flowers!  I am always so impressed with design interpretation.  It’s an important part of our job, we listen to our clients, and we take their ideas and turn them into stunning artistic interpretations of their vision.  It’s a tough job, but if we truly listen to our customers, and gain their trust, they in turn give us the freedom to create beautiful stunning works of floral art~  I love this show and the inspiration and education it provides to people who love flowers and artists~

In case case you missed the performance last night on PBS, it was fabulous!  These guys are a pretty amazing a cappella group.  Thought I’d share two of my favorite songs they performed.

http://www.sncmusic.com/ Here is their website where you can read more, and purchase music!  Enjoy

I recently photographed some of the orchids that are blooming in my home right now.  A lot of these orchids are ones that people have asked me to take back after they quit blooming.  I wanted everyone to see what happens when you are patient!  They will bloom again!  And as you can see by the pictures below, orchid plants love to be around other orchids. It makes them happy!  So if you haven’t had good luck with orchid plants, just be patient and keep trying, you can see how much beauty they will reward you with when you are  patient.  Enjoy orchid season!

Also had to add a picture of this beautiful peony below, called coral charm, just in the store fresh from a local peony grower.  Can you believe how pretty it is?  It is at least 6 inches across in size. It’s another flower that is in season right now for about another few weeks. Enjoy them while they are here.  We have about 7 or more different varieties, some singles, some doubles, some with fragrance and some without in lots of pretty colors!

Coral charm Peony

Dancing Lady Orchid

Unusual colored orchid

Interesting peach colored orchid

at least 15 blooms on this orchid

Lavender Phael Orchid

One orchid~ so many blooms