I couldn’t resist sharing a funny story that I recently heard.  A fellow florist friend and I were lamenting the other evening over the power that reviews can have on your business.  It’s true that reviews can be helpful to business owners and to consumers. The part that we owners love is that reviews can help consumers make good choices, but the down side is that reviews  can go bad and cause a business owner undeserved grief.  I’m not sure if any of us benefit when this happens.  Hopefully the person that wrote the review when they were frustrated, gained something good from getting their frustration out.  But I can pretty much guarantee you that the professional who tried to help this DIY bride might not be so inclined to help next time.

When I first heard the story, I did not find it funny at all, but the more I thought about it, the funnier it became.   My friend was telling me how she had sold bulk flowers to a bride who wanted to do her own flower arrangements. It’s because of the business owners desire to provide awesome customer service that she decided to help this bride who was on a budget.  Of course you as a consumer can’t even imagine how this could go bad.  When I  as a professional look back and consider what could go wrong, I might be able to think of quite a few things that could go wrong and often times it does go wrong.

As my friend described the incident, my first thought was that the grower might have shipped the wrong rose?!  My second thought was that maybe the shipment was delayed in Atlanta and the flowers did not arrive?~ Honestly, there are a million things that can go wrong, which is the biggest reason why you pay a florist to handle it for you.~ We have nerves of steel and we know how to make it happen for you. When you are dealing with Mother Nature, she has a way of taking charge sometimes!

We process and hydrate thousands of stems of flowers every week, just today I processed over 700 stems of flowers.  It’s an amazing volume of flowers that florists deal with every day.  Processing a bunch of flowers include unstrapping them from the hefty constraints that they use to make sure that they survive the long airplane ride from wherever in the world they come from. Then we have to handle them gently, cut the stems, dip them in a hydrating solution, store them in the cooler, cut the stems  a few days later, spray them with an anti-transpirant which helps hold the moisture in the flower. The worst part is that every flower has a different care requirement which requires constant monitoring by the florist to provide the consumer with quality flowers and give consumers a long lasting product.  It’s a very scientific job.

So the funny ending to the story was that the  bride came back after the wedding to complain that the flowers they had bought had thorns and leaves! I had to laugh hysterically at my friends explanation of the complaint.  I asked her if she had informed the customer that they might want to take that up with God????  Honestly, thorns and leaves on the roses??  You know that is how they grow, right?  Roses have HUGE thorns, they puncture your skin and your fingers hurt for days, which in turn, inspires you to be very careful and handle them respectfully. It is what we learn and live with every day as florists!

The moral of the story,  do your research, pay attention and make sure you are ordering from a real florist and look for good reviews but understand that sometimes there are two sides to every story, and most importantly please remember that roses have both thorns & leaves!  :>)  LOL!