November 2010

Thanksgiving Flower Centerpiece

This Design looks nice on a holiday table, we do this in seasonal colors and flowers for Thanksgiving, then we change it up for December by adding winter greens and more winter flowers in lime greens or reds or whites.  It really adds to the table to have lovely flowers included in the decor.  I have many customers who send flowers as a holiday gift to someone who is hosting a dinner or a holiday party.  I always think that it is such a thoughtful thing to do!

Centerpiece for a smaller table

Think about using a glass cube like this arrangement for a smaller table.  It looks beautiful if you add votive candles around it, it’s a warm and comfy piece.    Most people don’t add candles to the centerpieces any more, they use candlestick holders or votive candles instead.  Personally I like that look better, it’s more stylish .  These glass cubes look nice if you have a long table you can use three down the center of a long table with candles between them.

What ever style you do, just remember to add a little grace to your table by using flowers!


The first Kirkland Home show was held last week.  Thanks to all the people who worked so hard to put it on.  My Home Wholesale opened their beautiful store up to vendors and deserve a big thanks as well.

Our table was decorated for the holiday season. We wanted to show how you can be festive, add unusual color, and mix it up a bit for something a little different.  We decided to go with peacock colors because they work so nice with browns and coppers.  A big thank you to Tiffany at for the beautiful menu cards, place cards at all of her beautiful paper If you’re looking for beautiful invitations or planning an event, check out her website to see some of her awesome items.  The photography was done by it does a nice job of showing off our flowers and our table.  The idea for using unusual  color came from our  floral designer Tamara, who really wanted to show that the holidays aren’t just about candy canes and red flowers.

Peacock Holiday Table

holiday table

Flowers & table setting

Flowers for the table

The room setting I read this post this evening and I have to admit I am guilty as well!  It’s a friendly reminder to me, that I will not be doing my loyal customers who depend upon me, any favors if I go out of business because I forget to charge a fair price for the floral design and delivery services that I provide.  It’s a very hard lesson to put into practice and an even harder lesson to remember on a daily basis. Thanks for the reminder Preston!


The elections have me thinking about promises and politics and how it applies to the small business owner and customer relationships.

The past few weeks I’ve had a few customers call and express outrage that we charge for delivery.  I’ve been so mystified by their anger that I haven’t really known how to respond. I really can’t understand how someone would expect me to insist my delivery driver work for FREE,  or insist that I pay him at the expense of my company being able to make a profit.  Delivery does have expenses associated with it,  things like  gas, insurance & repairs. I guess I could give FREE delivery and just absorb the costs, or I could give FREE delivery and hide the costs in the price!  Neither option seems very smart to me.

Now that I’ve  had a little time to think about it,  a few questions come to my mind.  I Hope you don’t mind if I share the questions with you and I really hope someone will give me a little feedback and share their thoughts.

1. If you see the word FREE,  do you automatically want to buy the advertised item just because it is FREE?

2.  If you see two advertisements, does the one that says FREE make you want to buy it more than one that doesn’t say FREE?

3.  Do you think FREE  is really FREE or do you think promotions  have  some strings attached to it?

FREE  is a VERY good price, and it will always bring people in to get the FREE  item. The problem is, just getting people in the door no matter what it costs is not why we’re in business.

We do need customers, but we also need to make a profit on those customers. Our ultimate job as a business owner is to make some money,  give superior  service and give our customers more than they expect!

I’m wondering if at some point this FREE  kind of marketing devalues the product in our customer’s eyes. Why should you pay $5 for this item today when it’s going to be FREE tomorrow? If a company offers a FREE  promotion for any length of time, then don’t you as the  customer grow to always  expect it?  Will you become angry when we decide it’s time to stop offering the promotion? Just wondering about the reasoning behind some business owners and their marketing’s just makes no sense to me.  Am I missing out on something grand here?
I really believe that people value paying a fair price for a good product!

Absolutely Free

Of course I couldn’t resist taking some pictures, while I was in the middle of  a botanical lovers paradise. I had the pleasure of going through a few gardens on Kauai.  I was truly amazed at how big things grow there.  I buy a lot of tropical things from Hawaii, but for me to see them growing wild, and in gardens in their natural form was fantastic!  Thought you might enjoy seeing just a few of the things that I was so delighted by.

Is it my imagination or do things just look better in the sunshine!