December 2010

Speaking of color,  here is the Pantone  pick for 2011 Honeysuckle it is! Check out the Dessy site for the latest in spring fashion for wedding season 2011

The IFD floral trends forecast for 2011 is out, I found the titles descriptive &  interesting. Nirvana, Fandango, Gazpacho & Soiree. It brought a lot of images to mind, I think they did a very good job of describing the feeling that each is meant to convey.  I’m sure you can find the color forecast online, but here is a quick recap for brides who are in the middle of wedding planning right now.

Nirvana: Color palette is white, blue, sprout green & violet, described at peaceful, serene and meditative

Fandango: Color palette is Red, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Fuschia, & Coral described as steamy, passionate, romantic, glitzy, think Spanish dancing!

Gazpacho: Color palette is sprout green, red, carrot orange, gold, plum, wine with copper accents, described as earthy & rich

Soiree: Color palette is white, blush, soft lavender, & silver described as luxury, style, attitude, & elegance. Think warm candlelight, crystal, & luxurious soft neutral tones

Please enjoy your wedding planning!

For those of us in the floral business, check out the upcoming trend summit by Design 358 in Canada featuring Hitomi Gilliam

Special Guest Speaker – Leatrice Eiseman  A world-renowned color specialist,  will present a color seminar giving you an educated look at color trends for 2011. Leatrice heads the Eiseman Center for Color Information and training, and is also the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

If anyone in the Floral business  is interested in going, please contact me, maybe we can carpool up, I would love to attend if I can get the time away from the store!


The economic situation is having a huge impact on brides and their budgets. The new trend is strategic spending and figuring out how to get the biggest bang for your buck!   Here are some key things we are seeing in the wedding trends for 2011.

1. Intimate weddings are really hot right now. Brides are going for a more personal and comfortable approach to the whole event. It’s all about the gathering of your family & friends.  Brunches and dessert bars are way less costly than a full sit down formal dinner.

2. Small & simple is in, with less emphasis on quantity and more focus on the simple, classy & elegant. Less items done well are always better that trying to make it a big, impressive, centerpiece without a budget. I have always said that a flower arch that is done cheap without enough of a budget for flowers to give it the wow it deserves, is better being left out of the picture.  Go with something simple instead.

3.  Do it yourself is still going strong.  But I honestly wish this trend would go away.  I think that you are better off going with a professional, being up front about your budget, being flexible, and working together with your vendors to come up with a plan that you can afford.

4.  Wedding apps are easy to use and are very helpful with your planning process.

5. Heirlooms are hot! Incorporating lace, or vintage items like buttons, jewelry or brooches into the flowers, are making a a big comeback right now.  Vintage containers are popular as well.

6.  Videography is the trend for photos right now.  I think it is going to stay strong and popular throughout the next wedding season.

7. Black and white is all the rage, with hot bright colored flowers as the focal to the backdrop of black dresses make the flowers stand out with a big wow!  Even a small bouquet will have a big impact if you choose the right color combinations.

8.  We are seeing more organic and loose garden bouquets, way less formal than in the past few years.

Happy wedding planning!

Please consider how very important this issue is to our survival.  Honestly it is a serious situation. If you know nothing about agriculture, this still matters! Please start saving seeds! Thank you for loving Nature~

I was recently reminded of how much joy flowers can bring, when I read about an anonymous benefactor who is bringing joy to folks in their town by having flowers delivered to individuals for no apparent reason. I was so thrilled by this story! The only criteria is that the recipient must have done a good deed at sometime in their life.  The florist Dennis Nutley of the Green Cottage in Hudson Valley gets to create & deliver these gifts,  and he recently said  “he wished the person sending the flowers could see the joy that he sees when they are delivered”.  You can read about it here;

Another fellow florist in Scotland was reflecting upon how beautiful their flowers looked in photographs that were sent to them by a local photographer who was shooting an event they did locally.  Their flowers are really beautiful!  You can read their blog and see their flowers here;

I was reminded while reading their blog, how little I really get to enjoy my flowers.  I am always so busy with the production aspect of installing for an event, or setting up a ballroom for a party or wedding, or just making beautiful flowers for clients who call daily and want us to send a little bit of joy to their loved ones, there is so little time for me to actually enjoy them.

If you ask our delivery drivers, they will certainly  tell you a whole different story. They get to experience the joy, the surprise, and the pleasure that a gift of flowers can bring to the recipient.  Delivering flowers is a hard job, but I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t trade it for any other job in the world!  My driver always wants to know what the occasion is because he cares that much.  I always love it when he comes back to the  studio and tells me how much the recipient loved the flowers.  I realize that I need to stop taking flowers for granted!    Bringing JOY is what we do best!

The other thing that was a great reminder was when a customer recently sent me flowers.  She came into the studio, while I was at home sick. She asked if any one had sent me flowers?  Of course not, who would make them?  But our designer Tamara told the client she knew how picky I was & knew exactly what to send to me! I can’t tell you how it made me feel!  Maybe I was more shocked at the kindness of the customer, but I know that a big part of my joy was seeing the beauty of the flowers through different eyes.

I would love to get a little mystery flower trend going and send them to someone who deserves a little bit of joy back!  We all know that special someone who keeps giving but never expects anything in return.  What do you think? This could be like the Seattle wave~pass it on~let’s make it happen in our own little communities. Call your local florist, , give them a little joy, by asking them to send a gift of joy  to someone who deserves it! Just thank them for being the kind of person who gives to the community expecting nothing in return.

P.S. I just remembered the lady who came into the store, and asked if she could pay for the next person’s flowers~ When the next person came in, I rang up the sale and told them that they were already paid for, she just could not believe it!  She thought it was me that paid for it, but I told her it was paid for by a customer, who just wanted the next person to be blessed in the way she felt she had been blessed in her life.  I don’t know what led me on this path today, maybe it’s just the time of the year, but I too feel very blessed. The human spirit is truly amazing and I am reminded every day in this job that it’s not about shopping, it’s about a purpose!