The economic situation is having a huge impact on brides and their budgets. The new trend is strategic spending and figuring out how to get the biggest bang for your buck!   Here are some key things we are seeing in the wedding trends for 2011.

1. Intimate weddings are really hot right now. Brides are going for a more personal and comfortable approach to the whole event. It’s all about the gathering of your family & friends.  Brunches and dessert bars are way less costly than a full sit down formal dinner.

2. Small & simple is in, with less emphasis on quantity and more focus on the simple, classy & elegant. Less items done well are always better that trying to make it a big, impressive, centerpiece without a budget. I have always said that a flower arch that is done cheap without enough of a budget for flowers to give it the wow it deserves, is better being left out of the picture.  Go with something simple instead.

3.  Do it yourself is still going strong.  But I honestly wish this trend would go away.  I think that you are better off going with a professional, being up front about your budget, being flexible, and working together with your vendors to come up with a plan that you can afford.

4.  Wedding apps are easy to use and are very helpful with your planning process.

5. Heirlooms are hot! Incorporating lace, or vintage items like buttons, jewelry or brooches into the flowers, are making a a big comeback right now.  Vintage containers are popular as well.

6.  Videography is the trend for photos right now.  I think it is going to stay strong and popular throughout the next wedding season.

7. Black and white is all the rage, with hot bright colored flowers as the focal to the backdrop of black dresses make the flowers stand out with a big wow!  Even a small bouquet will have a big impact if you choose the right color combinations.

8.  We are seeing more organic and loose garden bouquets, way less formal than in the past few years.

Happy wedding planning!