January 2011

This has just come to me over the past month, so forgive me if I am sounding a little stunned.  It could be that I’ve been out of touch, ( I doubt it ) or maybe I’ve just been to busy to notice ( most likely ).

I had to share this thought that I keep hearing from brides!

I kid you not, but I have heard it at least 15 times in the last month, and this seems like a lot to me.  Considering the fact that Brittany Flowers been in business for 32  years & I thought that I had heard it all, this is striking me as something important. :>)

Every recent wedding consult with a bride has had the same results.  They have all been appreciative of the fact that my shop was the FIRST floral shop that they visited where FLOWERS were a part of the sales presentation.  All month long I have been struck by the value of this comment!  I have laughed every time and asked for them to tell me what they mean.

Flowers are what we do right?   I have discovered that some brides have no idea what roses, hydrangea,dahlia & gardenia looks like together and whether that will make a good  looking bouquet. They have no idea how brown and green or pink and orange go together and they need our help!  I know that this might sound strange to a  professional in the business,  but if you think about it, they are coming to us BECAUSE we are the professionals and we know our products and our colors, and our seasonal availabilities. I think the problem is, we are talking way beyond what they have any knowledge about.  I forget that the average person knows nothing about what we do and how much knowledge we have, which is probably true of every industry out there.

My solution to the problem has been to go to the cooler and actually grab a hand full of flowers, and create a (misfit) of a bouquet, but enough flowers to give them the  idea and visual presentation.  Every bride this month has commented on how fantastic it was to actually see the FLOWERS and the colors while talking about the design.  Brides are so overwhelmed by all the planning details,  this is just a nice way to show them visually and give them the confidence they need to make a decision.

After all, FLOWERS are what we do, and FLOWERS are what the bride and our flower customers want~ so let’s start showing  more flowers and sharing our flower knowledge with our customers.


Lush Bouquet

Modern Rose presentation













Loving this new compact but tall look!  It’s perfect for a showy presentation. We will be offering a scaled down version of the lush bouquet and  a scaled down version of the modern rose bouquet for Valentines day with a 2 dozen roses instead of the 4 dozen that is pictured here. It is still a cool and beautiful design for someone who wants something a little different.  The modern rose arrangement  is showing orchids and gardenias for fragrance and quince branches.  Not sure of availability for Valentines Day, but you can be assured we will do a variation of this modern twist by request!  Just ask us to be creative, we’d LOVE to take you up on it!  Remember to order early for Valentines Day as product is limited this year and by Valentines Day, I’m pretty sure nothing will be left to buy.   Please plan ahead to avoid being disappointed.


I am proud to announce that Brittany Flowers of Kirkland will be showing their floral design artistry skill at the upcoming 2011 Annual Seattle Bride Wedding Showcase held at Clise Mansion and Robinswood House.    The show will be Saturday February 12th from 11:30 – 2:30 .  At this event you will be able to meet the facilities select list of caterers who will be offering tastings and answering your questions. You will also be able to view  selected florists work and information regarding their services.   This is a free event but reservations are requested.

Please call Seattle Bride to make an appointment for this event 425-865-0795.


Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being, it requires  passion & commitment.

Creativity involves three processes:  thinking, a willingness to take risks, & producing

“The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus was famous for his brilliant and provocative sayings. His ideas about life, nature, and the cosmos remain as startlingly original as ever.

I get inspired by the littlest things to the grandest things.

Creativity is a spur of the moment thing. I can’t choose what inspires me,  simple and random things give me creative energy.

Creativity comes from the world   around us. Things we see, feel and experience, which fuel our mind & cause us to find a way to express ourselves

The  simplest  form of the creative response comes from imitating.

I’ve been practicing my photography skills, most all of these shot were taken from my front yard, the rooster photo was taken in Kauai. No doubt that they  have all contributed to the inspiration that helps  me in my floral design.

Inspiration from Nature

Creative Freedom

Colors of nature

Creative Reflection

Creative Solitude

Creative Fascination