Lush Bouquet

Modern Rose presentation













Loving this new compact but tall look!  It’s perfect for a showy presentation. We will be offering a scaled down version of the lush bouquet and  a scaled down version of the modern rose bouquet for Valentines day with a 2 dozen roses instead of the 4 dozen that is pictured here. It is still a cool and beautiful design for someone who wants something a little different.  The modern rose arrangement  is showing orchids and gardenias for fragrance and quince branches.  Not sure of availability for Valentines Day, but you can be assured we will do a variation of this modern twist by request!  Just ask us to be creative, we’d LOVE to take you up on it!  Remember to order early for Valentines Day as product is limited this year and by Valentines Day, I’m pretty sure nothing will be left to buy.   Please plan ahead to avoid being disappointed.