This has just come to me over the past month, so forgive me if I am sounding a little stunned.  It could be that I’ve been out of touch, ( I doubt it ) or maybe I’ve just been to busy to notice ( most likely ).

I had to share this thought that I keep hearing from brides!

I kid you not, but I have heard it at least 15 times in the last month, and this seems like a lot to me.  Considering the fact that Brittany Flowers been in business for 32  years & I thought that I had heard it all, this is striking me as something important. :>)

Every recent wedding consult with a bride has had the same results.  They have all been appreciative of the fact that my shop was the FIRST floral shop that they visited where FLOWERS were a part of the sales presentation.  All month long I have been struck by the value of this comment!  I have laughed every time and asked for them to tell me what they mean.

Flowers are what we do right?   I have discovered that some brides have no idea what roses, hydrangea,dahlia & gardenia looks like together and whether that will make a good  looking bouquet. They have no idea how brown and green or pink and orange go together and they need our help!  I know that this might sound strange to a  professional in the business,  but if you think about it, they are coming to us BECAUSE we are the professionals and we know our products and our colors, and our seasonal availabilities. I think the problem is, we are talking way beyond what they have any knowledge about.  I forget that the average person knows nothing about what we do and how much knowledge we have, which is probably true of every industry out there.

My solution to the problem has been to go to the cooler and actually grab a hand full of flowers, and create a (misfit) of a bouquet, but enough flowers to give them the  idea and visual presentation.  Every bride this month has commented on how fantastic it was to actually see the FLOWERS and the colors while talking about the design.  Brides are so overwhelmed by all the planning details,  this is just a nice way to show them visually and give them the confidence they need to make a decision.

After all, FLOWERS are what we do, and FLOWERS are what the bride and our flower customers want~ so let’s start showing  more flowers and sharing our flower knowledge with our customers.