Just a quick update to say that the flowers arrived today and they look absolutely beautiful!  No damage & I love my Federal Express drivers!   They were amazing at scoping out the situation and finding my product and coming through for me!  I just wanted to hug my driver today.   They even sent a private car out to our store loaded with my product.  I think that is  above and beyond the call of duty and amazing service!

Last night after reading the Fed Ex guarantee I was mad as heck because they weren’t making any guarantees on international shipments due to weather.  I really felt like they were trying to shrug off responsibility and it made me angry.  Imagine if you ordered flowers from me and I said “oh sorry there is no guarantee that these are going to be delivered & there are no refunds.”  I think you would be a little mad too!  Sometimes it seems that everyone is  all about ” the it’s not my fault”.  I really do not live my life that way,  sometimes I get a little frustrated by the lack of accountability that seems to be so common now.

But after all the stress, all is well & the flower business is booming. I have almost sold out of every flower that came in the store today &   it seems that love is definitely in the air! I’m grateful and will really rest easy tonight!

I have to say thanks Fed Ex, and thanks to my fellow florists all around the world who are working round the clock to make your dreams come true.  Flowers are designed by human beings ,  & designers know how much creative brain power it takes.  It’s a sight to  see & appreciate how the beauty unfolds.

In reference to my last post, I really have a whole new appreciation for what the pony express must have gone through to get the mail ( flowers ) delivered.   May all your Valentines dream come true!