Can you imagine my surprise today when someone called the flower shop asking me for Duct Tape flowers.  I had no clue what a duct tape flower was.  I was trying to decide just exactly what the customer wanted.  At first I thought maybe she wanted them in a box sealed with duct tape.  But when she said they were duct taped flowers, I thought maybe she wanted them wrapped on the stems with duct tape.  The customer told me that Teleflora was promoting them and since I was a Teleflora shop I should know what duct taped flowers were.

So I decided I must be out of the loop, I had no clue what the customer was asking for, but thanks, once again Google enlightened me.  So I’ve attached a video for all of the florists out there that might not have a clue either, just so we can all get with it!

Can someone tell me,  is Teleflora really doing a promotion with Duct Tape Flowers?  LOL!