A lovely Beauty

Just a little preview of what we were up to for Valentines Day.  Remember this is what you are paying for when you order flowers.  The design, the vision and the beauty of the way a floral designer can interpret the natural beauty of flowers.

A whole lot of my customer’s planned ahead this year and I’m happy to say that we were completely sold out by Monday morning on Valentines Day.  We struggled to find more flowers to sell and were  saddened by the fact that no one kept extended hours or had much product available.  It was one of those years for us, where if we didn’t pre-order it, we couldn’t buy it.

I felt bad for so many who called and I  couldn’t help them out, and it was really something to see 5 guys in the shop asking each other who was going to get the last three dozen roses we had for sale.

It is truly so hard to judge how much product to buy each year.  But overall as you can see we had fun ( in a weird way ) turning out a “whole lotta love”  in the studio.

Simple clean lines with a bit of wow!

Little bit of exotic love

So in love!

Cool & Modern!