March 2011 The long awaited specialty flowers market, from the farmer to the florist is called Seattle Wholesale Growers Market.

A group of Washington, Oregon & Alaska flower farmers will be offering quality, local grown cut flowers to florists.  The new wholesale market will be located at the Original Rainier Brewery Building, 5800 Airport Way S. in the heart of Georgetown.  The market will open on April 20th with a Grand Opening on Wednesday, May 18th.   Beginning April 20th, the market’s hours of operation will be Mondays 6 am to noon, Wednesday 6am to noon, and Fridays 6am to 2 pm

Welcome Welcome!  We are excited to have access to locally grown flowers.  It’s an exciting time for the flower business in Seattle! Customers want locally grown flowers and finally someone is listening. Can’t wait to go for a visit!


Let’s go Seattle, we need to make something like this happen here!

Awesome Creativity!



Such a touching video  that shares the history of flower growing.  It touches my soul and make me realize just how important the growing aspect is to our industry!  Thank goodness for farming, I think this is a standard that our industry needs to strive towards & try to maintain!

Thank goodness for flower farmers who grow and have an incredible respect for what we do!

This is what makes our industry truly thrive!  I was truly impressed recently when I had a conversation with this grower who made it very clear  how he wanted his flowers treated with respect!

As a designer, I am alway considerate of how I treat flowers, my goal is to make them look beautiful for my client.  The grower is the first step to helping me accomplish my goal!  I feel so happy to have found some one who cares as much as I do!


Interesting article about trademarking color, is this going to be the next battle ground for artists?