July 2011

Pretty Pink wedding bouquet


The all pink wedding, recently on the Virginia 5 historic ship on Lake Union. Fantastic venue, wonderful sights, and a pretty pink wedding.  Just right for a summer evening cruise! You can read about this historic steamship here:


Check out the photo slideshow of weddings aboard this ship:


Some of the historic photo’s of the steamship~ awesome history:


The Dining room on the Virginia 5 Ship

An elegant touch of flowers to an otherwise classic cakeThe dining room on the Virginia 5 Ship

The centerpiece, a touch of garden in all pink flowers


A beautiful summery centerpiece

A lovely example of a bubble bowl done is summery flowers, roses, spray roses, stock, hydrangea, mock orange, berries.  Just perfect for the center of the table or a low coffee table.  I love summer! Flowers are everywhere! This centerpiece is around $150.00 but it is easy to customize our work to fit any budget.

Nice color for a fall bouquet












Circus roses, mango calla liles, orange spray roses, makes a lovely color combination, should be beautiful for this coming October wedding! Imagine this grouping with a little splash of orange Mokara orchids.  Wow!


Founded in 1892, Seattle Yacht Club is one of our country’s most active and long-established yacht clubs. With facilities ranging from the historic main station on Portage Bay, to ten outstations located along the shores of Washington and British Columbia, the club offers an outstanding group of properties for use by its members. The history of the club is tied in with the history of pleasure boating and yacht racing in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m looking forward to this weekend, a lovely wedding in sunny yellow & fresh ivory & and green, just like the NW!


This  Seattle wedding venue features  weddings with  an intimate ambiance that can be customized to anticipate all of your needs.  We are doing a lovely event there this weekend.  Elegant cream and green and browns, so fitting to our local northwest environment. Orchids, roses abound! Hope to post photo’s soon.  At this point both of these wedding are still visions in my mind.


Our upcoming event~ Tie the knot


Our first ever summer event, which is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the newly added gardens at Heritage Hall.  It should be lovely!


A charming peaceful country setting with sprawling farmland & the majestic Mt Rainier towering above the Cascade mountains.  True tranquility and a perfect setting for a lovely wedding.  A fun and festive cherry themed wedding is next on my calendar, I  can’t wait for the big day, and hope to post some fun pictures after the event.


This is going to be one fantastic venue, historical and beautiful.  A lush organic, bouquet with scabiosa pods, bay leaf, lavender, scabiosa, rosemary, berries, lizzie and freesia, are just the perfect look for this venue!  I’m so excited to capture the ambiance of this place in the flowers!


A captivating urban oasis in downtown Seattle, this venue is so  luxurious yet intimate at the same time.  I’m Looking forward to the upcoming  lush and romantic all white wedding.  It’s just  so classic and elegant!

Happy Wedding Season!