Kiwi, Tangerine, and Raisin wedding at Coulmbia Winery

Manzanita tree centerpieces with crystals and orchids and hanging votives

Pretty busy this week with weddings, weddings and more weddings!  A 50th Anniversary party, a corporate luncheon, and no end to wedding season, as brides keep coming for consultations.  Ready for a little a day of rest and relaxation, and gear up for next weeks wedding.

Trying to find the time to launch my new website, but that just isn’t happening any time soon I guess.  I hope to be launching our new site before the holidays.  Stay tuned for the date….

Inside the banquet room at Columbia Winery

Brides bouquet for a Blue Heron theme wedding

Trying to get the lighting right, not working to well~bridesmaids, were just a smaller version of the brides bouquet

Corsage & Bout for the Blue Heron theme wedding! love the feathers, the lavender, rosemary and pods~

Close up of the Brides bouquet