Capturing the reflection on the river

More reflections on the water, capturing the sky

The willow tree reflection in the water at sundown

The boat and dock reflection in the river

Love how the willow tree is upside down in this reflection

What I was actually looking at

How ripples on the river, distort the picture in the water

Dock reflection

































































I spent last evening watching the sun go down, and playing with my camera with reflections on the water.  When I was first learning floral design, a Japanese teacher told me that design should encompass the negative space as well as the positive space.  I had a hard time learning that concept.  Sometimes a floral design is as much about what’s not there.  Her other bit of advice was making sure that each flower had a voice, by giving it room to speak and a space to shine.

It turned out to be good advice, and I have continued over the years to try to improve those techniques.  Ikebana design is so mathematical and complex, that I had a hard time learning the principles but I do understand the concept of  a Zen presentation.

I was thinking about this concept while playing with the camera to try and capture a different view of something that I see everyday.  I’m usually busy looking a the actual flowers that I forget to notice the ethereal qualities that are also there, similar to the reflections on the water or the ripples in the waves.  It was fascinating to play with my camera and look at the water with a different eye.  I think the exercise helps me be a better floral designer.

I have to say that I noticed another very interesting thing that happens when you pull out a camera~ people want to ham it up.   So many people going by in boats, thought I was taking their pictures, or making a you tube video, and they responded really funny!  Lot’s of hoots, dancing, thumbs up, and acting up and showing off for the camera, but I honestly did not photograph a single person, nor did I make a you tube video, it was purely a selfish of relaxation for my own benefit.