Can anyone please tell me how this can be? I have three drawers of ribbon, every color in the rainbow and more…yet I never have the right color????

Ribbon Drawer

Ribbon Drawer


Hello Spring!

I wish I knew what creative designer came up with this..sadly I do not know, but I loved it and wanted to share it with you! I constantly look at floral trash in this way..on walks I always am looking at leaves, stems, buds, flowers, and dreaming up unique ways to use plant material, this is a very fun and creative use of flower waste..  and besides who can’t use a little Happy Spring in their life right now? Enjoy

The new wave in Floral Design~

Alante Photography~ Seattle & the world!

Seattle Tennis Club wedding..whole lotta love~ big thank you to my floral designer friends who helped with this HUGE job~ I love you and appreciate your efforts! You know who you are!!! This could not have happened without your energy and dedication!

I totally want a pair of these~ I can’t think of any florist who couldn’t benefit from having a pair. We stand long hours on our feet..this would be awesome!  ( too funny! )

Beats the heck out of standing on concrete all day long!

This is so wonderful, I’m still smiling!!


If you want to buy flowers in a box…then I think they should look like art! Here is one of our more recent examples of boxed floral art!

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