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With Valentines Day quickly approaching, it’s time to make sure that you are really ordering flowers from the person you think you are.   I encourage consumers to read this florist detective blog.  They have spent a lot of time researching in order to be able to provide information to consumers who want to avoid being scammed.  Who knew that something so lovely as flowers could become such a target for fraud.  Do your homework!

In the meantime here are a few sneak previews of a couple of our fun Valentines flower offerings.

Be Mine Bouquet

Honestly,  I have to admit that I borrowed the saying  ” Have a Cool Yuletide”  from one of my customers!  It really made me smile today,  so I had to share it.  I hope she doesn’t mind.

I felt the need to stop tonight & just take a breather from the hectic pace that we are running at the studio. I wanted to share my blessings with everyone.

It’s the season when everyone I know gets to send their love, their thoughtfulness, and express their joy with the people they love & appreciate. I have to admit that sometimes during a holiday I feel a little touch of sadness at what I think I am missing out on.  When I have days where I barely have time to get a drink of water or eat during the day, it makes me stop and ask myself why I love being a florist,  but yet I still come back  to JOYFUL!

One of my customers asked me today if anyone ever sends me flowers during the holidays.  It really made me stop and think…..Life is different in a floral design studio this time of the year!  We are so busy and running at such a fast pace, that we do not even have time to shop for gifts for our children, our family, or our friends.  We have no time to do Christmas cards,(unless our friends want to receive them before Thanksgiving or before Valentines Day! :>) )  Most of us don’t have time to attend Christmas parties because we are busy designing beautiful flowers for the parties & celebrations that are going on with all of our friends & clients.  But I have to say that I have indeed been blessed many times with gifts from my customers and it has given me much JOY!

Now please don’t think I am complaining, because being a small business owner is a labor of love!  We love what we do, and we experience a lot of  JOY from sharing our talent and making people happy!

Our business brings us close to the circle of life in which we  share love, sadness & JOY. We share in our clients life events!  This week alone,  we were able to share a little in all of the things that life can present.  For each of us, the view of the season is different. There is of course, a ton of holiday cheer, but also for some a very sad suicide, or a natural death celebrating a loved ones very full & long life, a sudden loss of two people you loved,  the birth of a brand new life, a congratulations on a new successful business venture, a wedding, a birthday celebration, a sickness, happiness at a loved one  recovering  from an illness, an anniversary, a few apologies, and a couple of  “just because”  I love you dearly!  When I look at the scope of what we do…this covers a whole lot of life!

We are artists at heart and we love sharing the JOY  in your lives through  our flowers!  I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for this past year, all the blessings and support you have given us.  All of the JOYOUS moments you have shared with us are cherished & we appreciate you so much.  Have a wonderful holiday season,  & we hope you get to experience the same  JOY in doing all of the things you love!   Pass the JOY on!

The  experienced and skilled floral professional is able to create the most beautiful displays  but  you do have to pay for their talent.

The answer to what you pay for is pretty straight forward.  The cost of flowers reflect the following,  supply v. demand, availability, overhead costs of suppliers, shipping, geography & seasonal availability, and rent. So many things factor into the cost!

If you want to save on flowers,  just try to find a floral designer who has the best design experience,  & someone who’s work you trust.  Ask them to buy what is best this week at the flower market. (this is  the place where world wide growers bring their goods to market, rather like a farmers market ).   But remember that if you just have to have that special flower, designed a special way, delivered tomorrow  then you may have to pay for the service of that level.

Give me a bit of notice, and a bit of flexibility, & I  may just be able to save you a bit of money!

Flowers Galore!

Brittany Flowers of Kirkland was recently awarded the prestigious “Top 2000” honor by Teleflora.  The annual award is based on the demonstration of outstanding contributions to the Teleflora Organization and the volume of incoming and outgoing orders.  Teleflora acknowledges only the highest quality products and excellence in customer service.

Dan & Patty, the owners of Brittany Flowers of Kirkland ™  were personally presented with the award, and the shop will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Teleflora Newsletter.

Teleflora, a floral wire service with over 18,000 members in the United States and Canada, offers only hand-arranged and quality delivered floral products.  Brittany Flowers of Kirkland ™ is proud to be a quality business serving the community since 1976!

Social media is all about connections! The whole world is there…just waiting for us to pick up and run with it!  Honestly, I love the way that social media is teaching us to network and be friendlier! How in the world can life get any worse if we are truly open to each other by being honest and friendly?

That’s our motto at the studio for sure!  I think people really appreciate our being honest and open,  and that is truly who we are!

I can guarantee you that you might not always like my answers, but you can gain comfort from the fact that I am always truthful…which seems to becoming a rare occasion in todays society.

Call me,  I will always tell you the truth, and give you the help you need to get the job accomplished!

Today, was the best example of social media and how it works!

A friend led me to which led me to which truly helped me to take care of a fantastic floral design that needed to happen!

Professionals, are what our industry is all about!

 This is going to get interesting ......we'll see where this goes.

                         House Bill 2212

Sponsored by Representative KOMP (Presession filed.)


The following summary is not prepared by the sponsors of the
measure and is not a part of the body thereof subject to
consideration by the Legislative Assembly. It is an editor's
brief statement of the essential features of the measure as

  Restricts amount of consideration floral order facilitator can
  Requires floral order facilitators to pay delivery charges and
other amounts to direct providers of floral or plant arrangements
or related services within reasonable time.
  Makes violation unlawful trade practice.
  Declares emergency, effective on passage.

                        A BILL FOR AN ACT
Relating to floral order facilitators; and declaring an
Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:
  SECTION 1.  { + (1) As used in this section:
  (a) 'Consideration' means compensation paid to a floral order
facilitator, whether in the form of a fee, charge, commission or
other form of payment, or any combination thereof.
  (b) 'Delivery charge' means an amount paid by a purchasing
floral consumer for delivery of a floral or plant arrangement or
related service to an ultimate floral consumer.
  (c) 'Floral order facilitator' means a person that, for
consideration, transmits orders of purchasing floral consumers to
persons other than the floral order facilitator that are direct
providers of floral or plant arrangements or related services to
ultimate floral consumers.
  (d) 'Handling fee' means an amount paid by a purchasing floral
consumer to a person that is not a floral order facilitator as
compensation for taking an order for a floral or plant
arrangement or related service and transmitting the order to a
floral order facilitator.
  (e) 'Person' has the meaning given that term in ORS 646.605.
  (f) 'Purchasing floral consumer' means a person that purchases
a floral or plant arrangement or related service, whether at
retail or wholesale, whose order is transmitted to a floral order
  (g) 'Ultimate floral consumer' means a person that is the
direct recipient of a floral or plant arrangement or related
service purchased by a purchasing floral consumer.
  (2) A floral order facilitator may not charge or receive
consideration that exceeds five percent of the amount paid by a
purchasing floral consumer for any single order of floral or
plant arrangements or related services. For purposes of this
subsection, the amount paid by the purchasing floral consumer is
the cost of the floral or plant arrangements or related services
plus any delivery charge, but does not include a handling fee.
  (3) A floral order facilitator must pay to the person that is
the direct provider of a floral or plant arrangement or related
service to an ultimate floral consumer, within a reasonable time,
the following:
  (a) Any delivery charge paid by a purchasing floral consumer;
  (b) An amount equal to the amount paid by a purchasing floral
consumer, less any delivery charge, handling fee and any
consideration received by the floral order facilitator under
subsection (2) of this section.
  (4) A person that violates subsection (2) or (3) of this
section commits an unlawful practice under ORS 646.608. The
requirements under subsections (2) and (3) of this section are
subject to enforcement and penalty as provided under ORS 646.605
to 646.652. + }
  SECTION 2.  { + Section 1 of this 2011 Act applies to purchases
of floral or plant arrangements or related services made on or
after the effective date of this 2011 Act. + }
  SECTION 3.  { + This 2011 Act being necessary for the immediate
preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency
is declared to exist, and this 2011 Act takes effect on its
passage. + }

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