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Pretty sweet! I’m excited to be participating in Weddings on the Waterfront in July.  Not sure how it all came about, but I stumbled into an pretty amazing creative group of people! I have to say that the creative energy in this group of vendors is pretty impressive!  I’m working with Rebecca at Pravda Events www.pravdaevents.com   and I love her style, creative approach and her vision!  Carna Lapping, of Very Important Events was my initial contact, http://www.veryimportanteventsblog.com/  and it all just came about in a conversation regarding another mutual bride we are working with, and I should certainly thank Courtney for putting us in touch with each other.

I’ve been working on my floral vision for the event, I’ve started a board for the event at Pinterest.  Here is the link to the creative start to the project  http://pinterest.com/brittanyflowers/waterfront-event-ideas-for-nautical-and-modern/  I know it seems a little vague, but you know it’s a process that happens in my brain first..what else can I say 🙂 I’m a typical designer!

The vision starts with the most beautiful venue   http://www.bellharbor.com/ on the waterfront in Seattle. The view doesn’t get any better than this spot! The photo gallery has some pretty amazing pictures, which you can check out here: http://www.bellharbor.com/gallery.php

Bell Harbor features 100,000 square feet of meeting and conference center space and they can accommodate up to 200 trade show booths. With their state-of-the-art technology, onsite planning team, award-winning cuisine,  Bell Harbor is an ideal space for 5 to 5,000 guests. In addition, Bell Harbor manages catering and events for World Trade Center Seattle and the Maritime Event Center.

The other thing I was very excited to learn it that my daughter photographer Alante Photography http://www.alantephotographyblog.com/ is one of the photography vendors for this WOW event. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the creative team at Alante yet, but I’m sure we will have a great time at the wedding at the Seattle Tennis Club!


Vintage Bottles












I’ve been scouring the internet looking for cute vintage bottles for an upcoming event.  Everyone has been asking me for them.  Well, the good news is..Syndicate has finally brought them out!  I’m happy to find them, I ordered 4 cases of them today.  So all of you local brides looking for vintage bottles, call me for a price quote, I’ll be happy to rent them to you for your next event, and they will also be for sale in the store!  I am so happy to not have to go hunting in thrift and antique stores just to collect a few bottles here and there, it was so time consuming.  The new vases come in 12 different styles and range in size from 5 to 10 inches tall.  They come in 24 assorted t0 a case, but I’ll be happy to sell what ever bottle count you need.

Kiwi, Tangerine, and Raisin wedding at Coulmbia Winery

Manzanita tree centerpieces with crystals and orchids and hanging votives

Pretty busy this week with weddings, weddings and more weddings!  A 50th Anniversary party, a corporate luncheon, and no end to wedding season, as brides keep coming for consultations.  Ready for a little a day of rest and relaxation, and gear up for next weeks wedding.

Trying to find the time to launch my new website, but that just isn’t happening any time soon I guess.  I hope to be launching our new site before the holidays.  Stay tuned for the date….

Inside the banquet room at Columbia Winery

Brides bouquet for a Blue Heron theme wedding

Trying to get the lighting right, not working to well~bridesmaids, were just a smaller version of the brides bouquet

Corsage & Bout for the Blue Heron theme wedding! love the feathers, the lavender, rosemary and pods~

Close up of the Brides bouquet


Founded in 1892, Seattle Yacht Club is one of our country’s most active and long-established yacht clubs. With facilities ranging from the historic main station on Portage Bay, to ten outstations located along the shores of Washington and British Columbia, the club offers an outstanding group of properties for use by its members. The history of the club is tied in with the history of pleasure boating and yacht racing in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m looking forward to this weekend, a lovely wedding in sunny yellow & fresh ivory & and green, just like the NW!


This  Seattle wedding venue features  weddings with  an intimate ambiance that can be customized to anticipate all of your needs.  We are doing a lovely event there this weekend.  Elegant cream and green and browns, so fitting to our local northwest environment. Orchids, roses abound! Hope to post photo’s soon.  At this point both of these wedding are still visions in my mind.


Our upcoming event~ Tie the knot


Our first ever summer event, which is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the newly added gardens at Heritage Hall.  It should be lovely!


A charming peaceful country setting with sprawling farmland & the majestic Mt Rainier towering above the Cascade mountains.  True tranquility and a perfect setting for a lovely wedding.  A fun and festive cherry themed wedding is next on my calendar, I  can’t wait for the big day, and hope to post some fun pictures after the event.


This is going to be one fantastic venue, historical and beautiful.  A lush organic, bouquet with scabiosa pods, bay leaf, lavender, scabiosa, rosemary, berries, lizzie and freesia, are just the perfect look for this venue!  I’m so excited to capture the ambiance of this place in the flowers!


A captivating urban oasis in downtown Seattle, this venue is so  luxurious yet intimate at the same time.  I’m Looking forward to the upcoming  lush and romantic all white wedding.  It’s just  so classic and elegant!

Happy Wedding Season!

Thanks for the reminder to my friend Tim. Check out his upcoming event! http://events.seattlepi.com/bellevue-wa/events/show/175239945-tap-for-joy

Laugh! Smile & enjoy the sunshine in Seattle! It may only be here for a moment!

Social media is all about connections! The whole world is there…just waiting for us to pick up and run with it!  Honestly, I love the way that social media is teaching us to network and be friendlier! How in the world can life get any worse if we are truly open to each other by being honest and friendly?

That’s our motto at the studio for sure!  I think people really appreciate our being honest and open,  and that is truly who we are!

I can guarantee you that you might not always like my answers, but you can gain comfort from the fact that I am always truthful…which seems to becoming a rare occasion in todays society.

Call me,  I will always tell you the truth, and give you the help you need to get the job accomplished!

Today, was the best example of social media and how it works!

A friend http://www.avantegardens.com/ led me to http://www.threebunchpalmsproductions.com/Home.html which led me to http://madisonworkshopwest.blogspot.com/ which truly helped me to take care of a fantastic floral design that needed to happen!

Professionals, are what our industry is all about!

The economic situation is having a huge impact on brides and their budgets. The new trend is strategic spending and figuring out how to get the biggest bang for your buck!   Here are some key things we are seeing in the wedding trends for 2011.

1. Intimate weddings are really hot right now. Brides are going for a more personal and comfortable approach to the whole event. It’s all about the gathering of your family & friends.  Brunches and dessert bars are way less costly than a full sit down formal dinner.

2. Small & simple is in, with less emphasis on quantity and more focus on the simple, classy & elegant. Less items done well are always better that trying to make it a big, impressive, centerpiece without a budget. I have always said that a flower arch that is done cheap without enough of a budget for flowers to give it the wow it deserves, is better being left out of the picture.  Go with something simple instead.

3.  Do it yourself is still going strong.  But I honestly wish this trend would go away.  I think that you are better off going with a professional, being up front about your budget, being flexible, and working together with your vendors to come up with a plan that you can afford.

4.  Wedding apps are easy to use and are very helpful with your planning process.

5. Heirlooms are hot! Incorporating lace, or vintage items like buttons, jewelry or brooches into the flowers, are making a a big comeback right now.  Vintage containers are popular as well.

6.  Videography is the trend for photos right now.  I think it is going to stay strong and popular throughout the next wedding season.

7. Black and white is all the rage, with hot bright colored flowers as the focal to the backdrop of black dresses make the flowers stand out with a big wow!  Even a small bouquet will have a big impact if you choose the right color combinations.

8.  We are seeing more organic and loose garden bouquets, way less formal than in the past few years.

Happy wedding planning!

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