Hello Spring!

I wish I knew what creative designer came up with this..sadly I do not know, but I loved it and wanted to share it with you! I constantly look at floral trash in this way..on walks I always am looking at leaves, stems, buds, flowers, and dreaming up unique ways to use plant material, this is a very fun and creative use of flower waste..  and besides who can’t use a little Happy Spring in their life right now? Enjoy

Insect Hotels

Insect Hotels…no you can’t stay here, they are happy little homes for bugs!

So interesting to have science document what I observe every day in the flower shop! As long as I have been designing flowers, it still gives me a sense of wonder!

Lady Slipper orchid faking a virus

I found this so interesting! I’ve often wondered what triggers the onset of seasonal plant life. Interesting research at UW!


Really excited to be participating in the upcoming Design Contest in September and then having the opportunity to relax at the BBQ,  California style of course!  Looking forward to mingling and spending the day with fellow florists, and sharing a whole lot of creative brainpower with our other floral industry professionals!  Skyline Flowers has been an exciting addition to the Seattle marketplace both for the consumer who are getting the benefit from the freshest flowers available and the floral business community who now have access to fresh California grown flowers as well.

Love this video of Bob Rivers attending to his Bee’s   Bee’s are so important to the flower industry, and I can’t believe how much this impresses me! I wish I could be this fearless, but alas, it’s not going to happen.

Thanks Bob, we need more of you!

Please consider how very important this issue is to our survival.  Honestly it is a serious situation. If you know nothing about agriculture, this still matters! Please start saving seeds! Thank you for loving Nature~

Of course I couldn’t resist taking some pictures, while I was in the middle of  a botanical lovers paradise. I had the pleasure of going through a few gardens on Kauai.  I was truly amazed at how big things grow there.  I buy a lot of tropical things from Hawaii, but for me to see them growing wild, and in gardens in their natural form was fantastic!  Thought you might enjoy seeing just a few of the things that I was so delighted by.

Is it my imagination or do things just look better in the sunshine!

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