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Insect Hotels…no you can’t stay here, they are happy little homes for bugs!


“Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

I’ve been noticing lately how hassled everyone is.  Of course I can think of a million reasons why anyone could easily feel stressed and uptight lately, but does that justify being mean and rude.  I was talking the other day with coworkers about how much easier our journey through life would be if we could try to be kinder to each other.  We’ve all heard about random acts of kindness, but today I read this blog which reminded me about how great the thought is when put into action!

The concept of paying it forward isn’t a new idea, but becoming a kinder nation might just open up amazing possibilities.  Thanks to the above blogger for giving  me  a great reminder!

It’s easy to get grumpy and frustrated when things aren’t  looking very bright or cheerful, but now more than ever we need to focus on being more positive and finding things to be grateful for.  I can honestly tell you that every single day I talk to people who are having to deal with distressing issues.   You can’t imagine the things that I hear every day. Honestly, when I hear in one week, about four suicides, the death of an small child, a 30 year old with terminal cancer, brain tumors, breast cancer, children in rehab for drug addiction, it makes me realize that I have a lot to be grateful for.  I’m not saying that my life doesn’t have it’s issues, but  I try to think of something positive every day,  I’m trying to make it a habit.

I hope that you can make it a habit to become inspired, motivated and compassionate about kindness and pass it on please! You know I am a big fan of this show!

Someday I will attend~

 This year it was parasols! Fabulous! Isn’t it amazing what you can produce with flowers!  I am always so impressed with design interpretation.  It’s an important part of our job, we listen to our clients, and we take their ideas and turn them into stunning artistic interpretations of their vision.  It’s a tough job, but if we truly listen to our customers, and gain their trust, they in turn give us the freedom to create beautiful stunning works of floral art~  I love this show and the inspiration and education it provides to people who love flowers and artists~

Just had to share this funny Q13fox news story from tonight. It really made me laugh, sad to see such controversy over signs..which really have good intentions and are producing the desired effect, which is to slow down traffic in a neighborhood full of small children.  Honestly, the controversial sign that looks like a pin up~ is actually a lady picking flowers! Go figure~Honestly, I think we need to laugh more! Please Enjoy the humor.


An update: It appears that my link to the fox news story, took down the article about the cute neighborhood signs, so I thought I would post some of the signs that were causing the controversy in the Wallingford neighborhood.  The one that some people were getting upset about was the pin up girl, and the artist said, it was actually a girl gardening.  Now as far fetched as that might sound, I honestly have a girl friend who gardens with red nail polish on her toes!  I just think we really need to laugh more often.  So there ya go~ :>)

I saved these photo’s which I believe were originally from Fox News, then the city came out and took down the street signs from the neighborhood.  Seems like they were doing their intended job which was to slow down the traffic in the neighborhood, but I guess rules being rules, the city felt an obligation to take them down.  Honestly would any one driving through the neighborhood mistake them for a real city sign?    Just wanted to share them for a laugh!

controversial street sign

the gardening girl

a skateboarder

For those of you who wondered why we broke tradition and closed on Saturday, much to some folks dismay~ here is a recap of the weekend along with a big thanks for your understanding and patience!  Not quite at the turning 60 mark, but 59 is still a reflective moment in your life~ we enjoyed it quite a bit!  Thanks for understanding that sometimes family is more important!

Nuts! I was captivated by this little guy today.  I was sitting and watching him go NUTS, gathering food, digging a hole and burying it. He did it about 5 or 6 times, his little cheeks were just stuffed each time, and then he would dig a hole, drop it in, and go back for more!  He was funny to watch.  Guess I’m able to relate, after having been driven NUTS all week from today’s  wedding.  Another Happy Fall shot, too bad it is a little blurry, but this guy was just so fast,  I couldn’t get a great shot.  I missed the craziest shot with his stuffed cheeks, posing for the camera, gotta be quick to catch a shot of this NUTTY guy.  Gorgeous day in Seattle, but I’m  glad my NUTTY weekend is over!

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