So interesting to have science document what I observe every day in the flower shop! As long as I have been designing flowers, it still gives me a sense of wonder!

Lady Slipper orchid faking a virus


I found this so interesting! I’ve often wondered what triggers the onset of seasonal plant life. Interesting research at UW!

We were having a great discussion this evening and it all revolved around these two words….. “could be”…..

If you really stop and think about it, those two words could apply to any and everything you would like to consider.

I’m not sure this is a good thing, but it appears to be the answer to all the problems and issues around the world.Go ahead and test the theory by asking yourself or anyone a direct question, see if those two words work as the answer. It will give you a laugh, because it works… so have fun with it.

I guess the voting won’t be for a while but here is a link if you want to read up about the project and vote, pick your favorite, or come up with your own idea which will benefit mankind!

I recently heard about one idea that I thought was pretty cool!  The guy is from Seattle and he has submitted a prototype of a wind generator called “The Jellyfish”.  His premise is pretty easy, he wanted something that was simple, something that any one could use, something as simple as plugging in your hair dryer.   Check it out and learn more about it and then vote in the google contest.   There is a you tube video of the project that I like,  his name is Chad Maglaque and the video is here.  What I really love about his idea is that it produces 40 kilowatt hours of wind generated power,  which is enough to light your house.  He says the prototype can be made out of a ceiling light fan, or any similar type motor, his target selling price is $400 bucks.  Seattle City light has already contacted him and they are expressing an interest because his idea means that every kilowatt hour a customer can generate is one less that the power company has to generate.

I really love googles basic idea behind the contest, which is that every oneof us can help, we all have ways to help, but what will help the most? It’s a brilliant concept, and it’s a terrific way to get us all involved helping one and other just for the benfit of mankind! I’d love to hear about any other ideas folks are finding that are being submitted to the contest.  We are only limited by our imagination!

This is so exciting…can you imagine a mass produced solar car for $18,000? In light of the GM & Chrysler predicament, they should be listening to this guy Louis Palmer who made a 32,000 mile trip around the globe without using a drop of oil!  If the carmakers in this country would take a lesson from Palmer who says there is no reason that car companies couldn’t make a much better version of his solar powered car if they really put their minds to it,  we could change the world!  The car travels at  55 mph and can go 185 miles on a fully charged battery.  You can read more about it at    Palmer took the car to the UN climate change conference to prove that the world can develop a car that doesn’t burn any polluting fossil fuels, a car that meets all the safety standards in Switzerland, and one that is ecological.

The British Medical Journal just released a research project that documents the contagiousness of happiness in social networks,  ( good news for those of us who love WordPress!) it was done by James Fowler of UC San Diego and Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School.  The research shows that happiness can spread from person to person in a chain reaction through social networks.  In fact for every happy friend you have, you increase your chance of happiness by 9 percent, and every unhappy friend decreases your happiness by 7 percent.   The study also showed that the number of friends doesn’t matter, just being around one happy person  spreads outward by three degrees to friends of friends of friends!  Since we are in such awful economic times it is wonderful to know that happiness spreads more than unhappiness, happiness loves company, and happiness makes you happier than money! Spread the joy!

With amazement, I read the news released from the UCLA Memory & Againg Research Center a month ago. They researched a small group of people aged 55-78,  they split them into two groups, one group who read text on the internet and one group that web searched the internet several times a day, they had similar educational levels.  While they performed these activities they had the participants undergo MRI’s.  The group that searched the web showed twice the brain activity, than the group that rarely used the internet. The study found that the decision making and complex reasoning areas of the brain were the areas that showed the increased brain activity.  So isn’t it awesome to know that something we love to do is actually good for our brain health!  I’m happy with that new study !  Better get busy surfing the net, to get your neural circuits activated and working to their fullest capacity.  Happy surfing!

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