Maybe I’m crazy in love….it’s to be expected! It’s Valentines week, I’m a florist and I am in love!

I loved this Super bowl commercial by Google.  There were quite a few good ones..but none touched me as much as this one.  Enjoy spending time with the one you love!  Congratulations to the Saints! Great football game.


A few pictures from our fun day spent at training camp a few weeks ago, a welcome greeting from the Blue Thunder Band, lots of practice, fun crowd, the hawk mascot, an autograph session after practice, the day that Curry signed with the team and showed up for practice.  Great day with family and friends!  I know it has nothing to do with flowers, but I have to get away from flowers once in a while!Seahawkstrainingcamp2009 004

Seahawkstrainingcamp2009 343Seahawkstrainingcamp2009 118Seahawkstrainingcamp2009 328Seahawkstrainingcamp2009 335Seahawkstrainingcamp2009 329Seahawkstrainingcamp2009 194Seahawkstrainingcamp2009 334