I just couldn’t resist sharing this funny phone conversation with my mom this evening.  I was discussing a documentary I recently watched about Mt Vesuvious and the city of Pompeii and how they had discovered a bit of graffiti on the walls of these stone ruins.  I was relating how I  couldn’t believe that 1200 years ago, they wrote graffiti on the walls of these stone latrines! I asked her if it was true that some things never change?

When I asked my mom about this, she laughed hysterically and she said ” my mother always told me to never forget… ” Fools Names & Fools Faces always appear in Public Places”   I really had to laugh at the wisdom of her mothers statement.  But I really wanted to know if that was her moms statement, or a proverb of history.  My mother said she had no idea, she only knew that it came from her mother and that she had heard it preached to her MANY times.

Well, thank goodness for Google and the internet!  I proceeded to Google the saying, then with further clues, I was led to a site that listed many such proverbs, all from a man named Thomas Fuller.  My mother was so excited to know more about Thomas Fuller, because it was a link to her Mother who died when my mother was only 17 years old.   So I continued to search Google (thank goodness for our ability to multi task) while I was talking to my Mom on the phone.  I stumbled upon a website that had 9 pages of Thomas Fuller quotes, and mom and I continued to read them together and laugh.  Her final question was when did Thomas Fuller live?  After a little further Google research, I discovered that his bio was 1608 – 1661.  I almost gave my mother a heart attack!  My Mom was born in the early 1930’s, so to her the fact that her mother was quoting some really incredible quotes of wisdom from the 1600’s was pretty astounding.  She happily said ” my mother must have been a pretty well read woman”

I was pretty impressed with how cool that phone call went!  I couldn’t help but think Happy Holidays to our family,  what a legacy!

 This is going to get interesting ......we'll see where this goes.

                         House Bill 2212

Sponsored by Representative KOMP (Presession filed.)


The following summary is not prepared by the sponsors of the
measure and is not a part of the body thereof subject to
consideration by the Legislative Assembly. It is an editor's
brief statement of the essential features of the measure as

  Restricts amount of consideration floral order facilitator can
  Requires floral order facilitators to pay delivery charges and
other amounts to direct providers of floral or plant arrangements
or related services within reasonable time.
  Makes violation unlawful trade practice.
  Declares emergency, effective on passage.

                        A BILL FOR AN ACT
Relating to floral order facilitators; and declaring an
Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:
  SECTION 1.  { + (1) As used in this section:
  (a) 'Consideration' means compensation paid to a floral order
facilitator, whether in the form of a fee, charge, commission or
other form of payment, or any combination thereof.
  (b) 'Delivery charge' means an amount paid by a purchasing
floral consumer for delivery of a floral or plant arrangement or
related service to an ultimate floral consumer.
  (c) 'Floral order facilitator' means a person that, for
consideration, transmits orders of purchasing floral consumers to
persons other than the floral order facilitator that are direct
providers of floral or plant arrangements or related services to
ultimate floral consumers.
  (d) 'Handling fee' means an amount paid by a purchasing floral
consumer to a person that is not a floral order facilitator as
compensation for taking an order for a floral or plant
arrangement or related service and transmitting the order to a
floral order facilitator.
  (e) 'Person' has the meaning given that term in ORS 646.605.
  (f) 'Purchasing floral consumer' means a person that purchases
a floral or plant arrangement or related service, whether at
retail or wholesale, whose order is transmitted to a floral order
  (g) 'Ultimate floral consumer' means a person that is the
direct recipient of a floral or plant arrangement or related
service purchased by a purchasing floral consumer.
  (2) A floral order facilitator may not charge or receive
consideration that exceeds five percent of the amount paid by a
purchasing floral consumer for any single order of floral or
plant arrangements or related services. For purposes of this
subsection, the amount paid by the purchasing floral consumer is
the cost of the floral or plant arrangements or related services
plus any delivery charge, but does not include a handling fee.
  (3) A floral order facilitator must pay to the person that is
the direct provider of a floral or plant arrangement or related
service to an ultimate floral consumer, within a reasonable time,
the following:
  (a) Any delivery charge paid by a purchasing floral consumer;
  (b) An amount equal to the amount paid by a purchasing floral
consumer, less any delivery charge, handling fee and any
consideration received by the floral order facilitator under
subsection (2) of this section.
  (4) A person that violates subsection (2) or (3) of this
section commits an unlawful practice under ORS 646.608. The
requirements under subsections (2) and (3) of this section are
subject to enforcement and penalty as provided under ORS 646.605
to 646.652. + }
  SECTION 2.  { + Section 1 of this 2011 Act applies to purchases
of floral or plant arrangements or related services made on or
after the effective date of this 2011 Act. + }
  SECTION 3.  { + This 2011 Act being necessary for the immediate
preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency
is declared to exist, and this 2011 Act takes effect on its
passage. + } I posted this article on twitter about 4 months ago, and I have been continually thinking about all of the possibilities for affordable housing.  It’s a brilliant idea.  I watched the original show on planet green.  So imagine my thrill this morning when I heard about a new organization that is taking the idea and moving forward with it, to provide a small village of containers to Haiti!  I was so excited to hear about the project, I couldn’t wait to share it with every one!  Here is their website, please check it out and find out how to get involved in the project.

Here are their goals:

Complete construction and site preparation for 50 container homes that will provide housing for 400 homeless people over the next two years…

Develop ecologically sound sanitation, hygiene and composting system for 400 person village at Bois Neuf Field…

Create water reclamation and filtration systems for safe drinking and washing water…

How could anyone not support this fantastic idea?

So I really have to be thankful and thank my lucky stars for Teleflora’s technology department!  I’ve been a little busy this past week, having had to go back to the dark ages (as in what we did before computers)

My point of sale system had a meltdown this last week, and we have been living proof of just how it is possible to go back to pen and paper!  Now I do have to admit that the first day was rather horrifying.  Actually worse than you could even imagine!  I think I’ve become lazy. I can type fast, but I found out this past week that I can’t write so fast and a paper system is really mind boggling.  I can see why we gave it up! I’m surprised at how hard it was to have to hand write the orders and hand write the cards.   I have to admit that it did get easier as the week went on, but I kept asking myself all week if I really liked going back to the old fashioned way of writing?  It was a funny revelation  because I am a bit old fashioned and I appreciate the past and all of  the things it tends to offer.  I love history, and I’m a bit of a  genealogist, I love family traditions!   So what’s up with my lack of being able to function without a computer…??? it made me feel just a little bit crazy. What has become of me?

As I thought about it and wondered why I am so lacking,  I realized that my daughter has not ever been without a computer in her life because it’s her generation and she is good with computers.  I thought I had accepted the fact that while computers are a different way of life for me, I’ve managed to do a pretty good job of learning the computer ropes. Although I can tell you that there is nothing like a massive extended computer malfunction to make you realize that you better not give up on your real talent, you know,the old fashioned talents like reading, writing and arithmetic. These are skills your are going to need now and in the future! Based upon my past week, you better keep those skills sharp since you do not know when the time is going to arise and you may have no choice but to rely on your old memory bank of skills dating back to the pre computer era 🙂 ( kind sound prehistoric doesn’t it? 🙂

Anyway, we are back online, database has been saved, and my poor tech guy can start breathing and stop sweating!  Gotta love what those guys do for a living!   HUGS & KISSES to them for saving me in my busiest month of the year, second to Valentines Day, which is the MOST stressful time of the year!

Time for me to take a break ( can I sleep in tomorrow) and take a breath of fresh air..and appreciate the talent that abounds!  Nope, it’s December, and that’s not going to happen until December 25th! But oh boy am I thankful.

Also have to give a big HUG to all of my patient customers who are so used to my great service, who thought I may have lost my mind! Really it was just stress, it caused me to stop being able to function..thank you for your understanding and patience when  I couldn’t remember your credit card number by heart..I love you all! 🙂

I’m so tired I may have to go back and rewrite this later when I’ve had a moment to recover from this weeks stress 🙂

I know this is a weird question for ME to be asking…but I had something happen to me the other day that made me stop and wonder if technology is good or bad.  Personally, I love technology and think it has done amazing things for people to be able to connect on a global level.  Even as recent as ten years ago, I couldn’t get on the internet, look up a farm in Ecuador, let alone even think about being able to contact them cheaply, efficiently, and instantly.   In my opinion it’s done wonders for humanity!

Now with that said, I know there are those folks who think technology is evil and ruining society by forcing us to not connect with real people face to face.  I’ve heard all kinds of comments and arguments for and against the technology argument.  I’ve heard people knock twitter,  facebook,  myspace, and blogs, and I think technology does do a good job of showing the good and the bad in people. But is it technologies fault?

I was really surprised the other day when I had a prospective new client leave a rather nasty message on my phone.  First, let me explain, I am a small company with two phone lines, so that if one is busy, it will roll to the other line. If both lines are busy, it will go to voice mail, where you can leave a message and I will call you right back after I finish with the customer who called before you.  Now I will be the first to admit that during the holiday rush, this might be a little frustrating, but I’m not one of these mega companies with one of those crazy phone systems, you know, the kind that says push 1 for directions, 2 for a map, 3 for hours, and thanks for calling??? you know the kind that you never get to a person, or get to leave a message or even get your question answered.  I give really personalized service and most all of my customers praise us on our high level of service.   So you can imagine my surprise, when I retrieved my voice messages, only to hear this mans voice, here is what it said:

” SOOOOOO…I wassssssssss going place an order and I’m trying to give you some of my moooooney, BUT since I refuse to play telephone tag, and yooooouuuuu obviously don’t need any more business, I’m not going to order from you, I will get my needs met elsewhere!!!!!! ”

Needless to say, I was a little more than ticked off that someone would leave such a nasty voice message, but then I thought about it and decided he was frustrated and had a right to voice his displeasure even though I still think he could have been nicer about it. So I called him back and apologized for the trouble, and he proceeded to tell me that it was people like me who were ruining the earth with technology.  So I asked him, if he would have been happier with a busy signal?  Honestly, the way my phone rings all day long, without two phone lines you would probably get a busy signal.  Is that better, than my lovely voice, apologizing for the message, promising to call you right back 🙂   He never really answered me, he just thanked me for calling back and told me he had ordered some where else.

I just wanted to put it out there for people to think about because I am curious what others think about the subject of technology.  Do you think this customer’s frustration was really about technology or just a reflection of how we all feel with regards to poor customer service which is so common now.  And do you perceive it as poor service if you get a voice message system?  Should we go back to the days of sharing a phone line with our neighbor, any one remember party lines? 🙂 The fun theory! Don’t you just love the concept!  I don’t think this needs any further explanation.  It’s all about how we choose to look at things.   Brilliant marketing that I wish I had come up with!

It’s time to vote for your favorite project! The deadline is October 8th!  I was a little surprised that you don’t really get to vote for some of your actual favorite ideas and projects, but it appears to be more about concepts.   One of my favorites was about alternative energy that Chad Maglaque submitted which you can read about

I have to admit that I had a tough time deciding when I was reading through the voting choices & criteria.  All of the choices are important social  issues and crucial to our well being and future development. Some of them were a bit too political for me.  Politics are important but I tend to  get sick of hearing and talking about the subject because nothing ever changes and I as an individual feel like I have no impact on the outcome and this frustrates  me.

Many of the options stood out to me as great ideas!  I read them all and studied them & we had some big discussions about each category.  I was drawn to quite a few of them, but the more I thought about it & as much as I was touched by each category I still kept coming back to education.  I really feel like everything would be possible if you had access to education.  Education is expensive and at what point do we decide that education should be more accessible so that we can improve society overall?  Wouldn’t we would all benefit from this?  I remember having coffee with a local philanthropist, and he made a comment that stunned me!  He said ” I can take care of my son just fine, but what happens when I send him out into a society of uneducated people?”  He made the point that if his son was the only educated one,  it would be of no good to society.

One of the Google project choices involves Africa, which I am also passionate about because of the extreme poverty, but when we discussed it with our group we still came back to education.   There are other choices about government transparency, which are good too, but I wonder just how much better our life would be if we know more about the systems that we  still  have no control or voice  about ?  So I not sure about that vote either.

I was looking for an option about energy alternatives which I feel pretty compassionate about, but I didn’t really find that option to vote for,  other than the mass transit idea.  Of course we would all like to have mass transit, but are we willing to pay for it? I think we are all too stressed financially to even think about paying more for mass transit.  I think  were all under the illusion that this was what our tax dollars were going for already.  Sorry, but government and banking are not on my most favored list right now.

I really love the idea about science and engineering, as this is about our future infrastructure.  This is funny for me as a floral designer to say, but my whole industry has a foundation in science .  I think science is really important, but there again it came back to education for me.

The only other category that I remember thinking about and discussing was health data, and considering the recent swine flu outbreaks and the future talks about pandemics, it is also very crucial to our world!

But when we really thought about it, we decided that it really all came down to education, and making it available to everyone at no cost!  It will be through education that we all become stronger and better.  I think education could be the salvation of the world!

No matter what your opinion is, please go and vote on the google 10th to the 100th project, because it is through ideas and visions  that our future becomes a new reality.

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