Make your invitations as personal as your event and put your own personal style into your invitations, try sending custom evites.  Electronic invites have been around for a while, but  I recently found some great collections that I wanted to share.  One that I particularly love is Robert Evans, a celebrity photographer who has added some of his beautiful wedding photography  on the site and you can see some of them here: is a party planning and events site that offers  evites, and even an after party site where all the people who were at the party can share photos, videos, comments, ratings and recommendations.

Another site called is more of a social network based upon sharing events, they have invitations by category. It’s fun to browse all the choices they offer and find one that fits your theme and makes a personal statement.

I also love this site which has some beautiful evite choices as well.  I think  Martha Stewart promotes this site as well. The thing that pingg has that I particularly like is the fact that there are numerous options for ways to send your evites, you can twitter, text, facebook, email,and yes EVEN..print them and mail them.  But remember if you are on a budget, printing and postage is going to cost you more.

If after checking out these evite sites and you’re not convinced and you really have your heart set on paper invitations I love the ecological idea of using something like greenfield paper.  It’s a very eco-chic idea! It is recycled paper that has been embedded with wildflower seeds.  Once your guest receives the invitation, they are supposed to take it outside and plant it and grow something.  I love it! Not only are you creating a memory, leaving a legacy, but you are definitely recyling that paper and putting it towards a good use.  If you are interested in Greenfield paper company, you can find them here: