Insect Hotels

Insect Hotels…no you can’t stay here, they are happy little homes for bugs!



Just Planet Earth

I really enjoy the musings of this unique &  off the beaten path blogger, while I realize it may not be for everyone, as a designer I tend to look at the world in an offbeat way.  I am always drawing floral design inspiration from unlikely sources, like some of the interesting things this blogger tends to write about.  Get yourself a cup of tea…curl up and start perusing the’s rather like taking a little mini vacation..

So interesting to have science document what I observe every day in the flower shop! As long as I have been designing flowers, it still gives me a sense of wonder!

Lady Slipper orchid faking a virus

The new wave in Floral Design~

I found this so interesting! I’ve often wondered what triggers the onset of seasonal plant life. Interesting research at UW!

Alante Photography~ Seattle & the world!

Seattle Tennis Club wedding..whole lotta love~ big thank you to my floral designer friends who helped with this HUGE job~ I love you and appreciate your efforts! You know who you are!!! This could not have happened without your energy and dedication!