Can anyone please tell me how this can be? I have three drawers of ribbon, every color in the rainbow and more…yet I never have the right color????

Ribbon Drawer

Ribbon Drawer










Beautiful bay windows in the Great Room









The Fireplace in the Great Room











The color palette, ivory, plum and green











Spice up the palette with a little hot pink for the tables, and added a hot pink napkin to the table setting.









Ceremony area in the Great Room at the Clise Mansion.  Flowers were plum callas, cymbidium orchids, ivory roses, green hydrangea, freesia, ivory spray roses.

Speaking of color,  here is the Pantone  pick for 2011 Honeysuckle it is! Check out the Dessy site for the latest in spring fashion for wedding season 2011

The IFD floral trends forecast for 2011 is out, I found the titles descriptive &  interesting. Nirvana, Fandango, Gazpacho & Soiree. It brought a lot of images to mind, I think they did a very good job of describing the feeling that each is meant to convey.  I’m sure you can find the color forecast online, but here is a quick recap for brides who are in the middle of wedding planning right now.

Nirvana: Color palette is white, blue, sprout green & violet, described at peaceful, serene and meditative

Fandango: Color palette is Red, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Fuschia, & Coral described as steamy, passionate, romantic, glitzy, think Spanish dancing!

Gazpacho: Color palette is sprout green, red, carrot orange, gold, plum, wine with copper accents, described as earthy & rich

Soiree: Color palette is white, blush, soft lavender, & silver described as luxury, style, attitude, & elegance. Think warm candlelight, crystal, & luxurious soft neutral tones

Please enjoy your wedding planning!

For those of us in the floral business, check out the upcoming trend summit by Design 358 in Canada featuring Hitomi Gilliam

Special Guest Speaker – Leatrice Eiseman  A world-renowned color specialist,  will present a color seminar giving you an educated look at color trends for 2011. Leatrice heads the Eiseman Center for Color Information and training, and is also the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

If anyone in the Floral business  is interested in going, please contact me, maybe we can carpool up, I would love to attend if I can get the time away from the store!

When I meet with a bride the first thing we talk about is color! You may think it would be the style of the  flowers or the price of the flowers, but I’m always thinking color first, unless of course you like paint. :>)

When planning a wedding with flowers, nature limits us in a few ways.  The first  is color, certain flowers only come in certain colors.  Not all flowers come in ALL colors. Another thing that is very limiting is the seasons. Not all flowers grow all year long.  Now this may sound like something you already know, but when it comes to planning a wedding, it seems like we tend to forget that these two limitations can create huge issues for brides and their floral designers.

I thought that I would give you a few examples of how to think about flowers when planning your wedding. Hopefully it will simplify the process for you. One less stress thing to figure out during your wedding planning is a great thing!

Spring Flowers

So here is an example of spring flowers, orange calla lilies,red and yellow freesia, orange and yellow ranunculus.  Now at first glance you might look at this color palette in orange and yellow and think of a  fall colored bouquet.  Not so!  This is most definitely a spring bouquet, and it  would be difficult to duplicate in the fall, because these flowers bloom in the late winter and early spring. You would most likely find these flowers from late December until February as a general rule.   Now to make it even more confusing, freesia is available in the summer, but callas are limited in the late hot summer months.    See what I mean about easy to get confused! :>)

So here is another example of a color palette, hot pink, red, and lime green.  Now when I think about the season for this bouquet, it’s pretty much a year round availability when it comes to varieties. Calla lilies pretty much year round except during a few hot months of the year, but we can usually get them somewhere in the world.  Red roses are usually always available, but strange things can happen, like freezing weather last year, took out a number of small farms in South America, which can cause a bit of a shortage at certain times of the year.  Nerine lilies are pretty much available, but you have to plan ahead with them. The lime green cymbidium orchids, are usually available somewhere in the world as well.

Pastel Color Palette

Here’s another great example of a spring bouquet. I know at first glance you think hydrangea and roses, so you think year round, just soft summer color.  But the tricky thing in this bouquet is that it has white lilac, which adds amazing texture, and that is a spring flower with a very short season.  The fabulous thing about working with your floral designer is that if they are a professional, they can customize the bouquet to fit you season.  It does require you to be flexible, but I could do this bouquet in the summer with the white hydrangea, the pink roses, the pink callas, the white roses. It could pretty much be a year round bouquet, except that white hydrangea in the late summer is kind of ugly. It gets limp with big individual blossoms.

As you can see it can get complex, even for the professional, but I think it is much easier to work off of a color palette rather than specific flowers.  After all you are picking a color for dresses, you are picking color for the the decor, so why not pick the color for the flowers that goes with the dresses, and then let you florist help you wade through the wide world of commercial flower production and what is available in the world~ where and when!  I almost sound like a Dr Seuss Book don’t I? :>)

Combination floral bouquet

So what is  an Inspiration Board?

Well, it’s anything you want it to be, but technically it’s a creative photo collage that inspires you.  It can help keep you focused and organized with your wedding or other creative projects.  They can be done by themes or by color palette. I prefer color palette and I like to do flower inpiration boards to help my brides with the visualization process of flower choices.   When  you are making decisions it really helps to have a visual reminder of all your thoughts right in front of you. It can be created on a bulletin board, or foam core board,  or you can make it on the computer in Picasa or Photoshop.  Include color swatches, photos of dresses, tuxes, cake, jewelry, hair styles, flowers and decor ideas, even notes you’ve jotted down. It really helps to have it displayed all in one place, and you can change it all  around as you finalize your plans.  Not only is it fun, but it helps you stay focused and organized.  There are many places to find inspiration boards if you need ideas or don’t want to make your own.

Here is a great site with tons of inspiration boards to browse while planning your wedding.

Here’s a gal who loves to make inspiration boards, email her and she might even offer to make it for you.  Check a few examples of her past work here.

Lot’s of inspiration here as well:

Enjoy planning your wedding!