With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are a few tips for getting the freshest and most beautiful flowers from your local florist.

  1. TRUST..the floral designer to do what they are trained to do.  Let your designer be inspired to bring out the natural beauty in each flower. Encourage them to be creative and design a unique bouquet for you.  Some of the worst bouquets come from trying to make flowers that look like a photo.  Photo’s should be used as a general guide for style, but NOT used to make an exact duplicate of an arrangement.   Flowers are art..so let your designer be an artist.  It’s what they love doing!  Floral designers love giving flowers a voice!
  2. Give your floral designer your general guidelines, the color palette, your style preferences, and any favorite flowers of the recipient, and your budget.  Remember that delivery and tax are always added on after the flower price, so make sure you clarify the bottom line.
  3.  Always ask what is FRESH and IN SEASON this week.  Flowers are grown by farmers and farming is seasonal.  Farming is dependent on weather, supply & demand, transportation issues. Flowers are grown all around the world, and there is nothing that adds stress for a florist more than having their roses stuck in the airport on Valentines week, due to a winter storm somewhere in the country.  Be flexible, have patience, and plan on ordering extra early to make sure you have choices and options. Remember it’s winter, and many types of flowers are not available in the winter, unless you are willing to pay for the OUT OF SEASON price.  Most florists are happy to order out of season flowers in for you, but you need to plan ahead in order to have it available when you want it.  Allow at least 10 days for your florist to bring in your “out of season flowers” for you.

Honestly,  I have to admit that I borrowed the saying  ” Have a Cool Yuletide”  from one of my customers!  It really made me smile today,  so I had to share it.  I hope she doesn’t mind.

I felt the need to stop tonight & just take a breather from the hectic pace that we are running at the studio. I wanted to share my blessings with everyone.

It’s the season when everyone I know gets to send their love, their thoughtfulness, and express their joy with the people they love & appreciate. I have to admit that sometimes during a holiday I feel a little touch of sadness at what I think I am missing out on.  When I have days where I barely have time to get a drink of water or eat during the day, it makes me stop and ask myself why I love being a florist,  but yet I still come back  to JOYFUL!

One of my customers asked me today if anyone ever sends me flowers during the holidays.  It really made me stop and think…..Life is different in a floral design studio this time of the year!  We are so busy and running at such a fast pace, that we do not even have time to shop for gifts for our children, our family, or our friends.  We have no time to do Christmas cards,(unless our friends want to receive them before Thanksgiving or before Valentines Day! :>) )  Most of us don’t have time to attend Christmas parties because we are busy designing beautiful flowers for the parties & celebrations that are going on with all of our friends & clients.  But I have to say that I have indeed been blessed many times with gifts from my customers and it has given me much JOY!

Now please don’t think I am complaining, because being a small business owner is a labor of love!  We love what we do, and we experience a lot of  JOY from sharing our talent and making people happy!

Our business brings us close to the circle of life in which we  share love, sadness & JOY. We share in our clients life events!  This week alone,  we were able to share a little in all of the things that life can present.  For each of us, the view of the season is different. There is of course, a ton of holiday cheer, but also for some a very sad suicide, or a natural death celebrating a loved ones very full & long life, a sudden loss of two people you loved,  the birth of a brand new life, a congratulations on a new successful business venture, a wedding, a birthday celebration, a sickness, happiness at a loved one  recovering  from an illness, an anniversary, a few apologies, and a couple of  “just because”  I love you dearly!  When I look at the scope of what we do…this covers a whole lot of life!

We are artists at heart and we love sharing the JOY  in your lives through  our flowers!  I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for this past year, all the blessings and support you have given us.  All of the JOYOUS moments you have shared with us are cherished & we appreciate you so much.  Have a wonderful holiday season,  & we hope you get to experience the same  JOY in doing all of the things you love!   Pass the JOY on!
























A private wedding, with lovely organic looking flowers in blues and whites.  Love all the texture in these bouquets!















Beautiful jewel tones at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle. Absolutely love these color tones!












Hotel 1000 in Seattle,  lovely shades of green and cream.  Beautiful and vibrant. Modern and lush!

Love this video of Bob Rivers attending to his Bee’s   Bee’s are so important to the flower industry, and I can’t believe how much this impresses me! I wish I could be this fearless, but alas, it’s not going to happen.

Thanks Bob, we need more of you!


Looking forward to a California Style BBQ, and excited for the design show, which will be a huge opportunity for all of us in the floral industry to network, brainstorm, and plan for the upcoming wedding season!

The only thing I’m sad about, is that it is in going to rain cats & dogs!

Welcome to Seattle Skyline~ :>( sorry) but then again, you’re  getting the real welcome to Seattle.  Seattle Natives know how to  enjoy themselves immensely, in spite of the rain!  We just appreciate “GREEN”  which is the by product of “RAIN”! Which is the  by product of “GROWING”!

Looking forward to networking with all my fellow partners in the biz!

Founded in Switzerland in 1845,  Lindt is the world’s largest manufacturer of premium chocolate!

Rodolphe Lindt revolutionized the chocolate industry with his invention of the conche in 1879. This refining machine produced chocolate that was smooth, silky and literally melted in the mouth. Nothing like it had ever been seen before. It was superior to all chocolate produced at the time. It had the wonderful delicate flavor and melting quality that we expect (and love!) to this day.

Throughout the company’s long and distinguished history, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have created chocolates that have delighted generations of people around the world. With factories in 8 countries, Lindt chocolate is sold in over 80 countries. Lindt chocolate has achieved a well deserved reputation for craftsmanship, innovation and quality.

We are proud to be partnering with the Lindt Chocolate Company  for Mother’s Day by providing a free  sample compliments of Lindt Chocolate company.  We are sending out a sample with every  flower order for Mother’s day just to show how much Brittany Flowers & Lindt Chocolates love & appreciate everything you do!  Thank you  Moms!


http://www.lindtchocolatersvp.com/  Great party opportunity!

Just a quick update to say that the flowers arrived today and they look absolutely beautiful!  No damage & I love my Federal Express drivers!   They were amazing at scoping out the situation and finding my product and coming through for me!  I just wanted to hug my driver today.   They even sent a private car out to our store loaded with my product.  I think that is  above and beyond the call of duty and amazing service!

Last night after reading the Fed Ex guarantee I was mad as heck because they weren’t making any guarantees on international shipments due to weather.  I really felt like they were trying to shrug off responsibility and it made me angry.  Imagine if you ordered flowers from me and I said “oh sorry there is no guarantee that these are going to be delivered & there are no refunds.”  I think you would be a little mad too!  Sometimes it seems that everyone is  all about ” the it’s not my fault”.  I really do not live my life that way,  sometimes I get a little frustrated by the lack of accountability that seems to be so common now.

But after all the stress, all is well & the flower business is booming. I have almost sold out of every flower that came in the store today &   it seems that love is definitely in the air! I’m grateful and will really rest easy tonight!

I have to say thanks Fed Ex, and thanks to my fellow florists all around the world who are working round the clock to make your dreams come true.  Flowers are designed by human beings ,  & designers know how much creative brain power it takes.  It’s a sight to  see & appreciate how the beauty unfolds.

In reference to my last post, I really have a whole new appreciation for what the pony express must have gone through to get the mail ( flowers ) delivered.   May all your Valentines dream come true!