Just had to share this funny Q13fox news story from tonight. It really made me laugh, sad to see such controversy over signs..which really have good intentions and are producing the desired effect, which is to slow down traffic in a neighborhood full of small children.  Honestly, the controversial sign that looks like a pin up~ is actually a lady picking flowers! Go figure~Honestly, I think we need to laugh more! Please Enjoy the humor.


An update: It appears that my link to the fox news story, took down the article about the cute neighborhood signs, so I thought I would post some of the signs that were causing the controversy in the Wallingford neighborhood.  The one that some people were getting upset about was the pin up girl, and the artist said, it was actually a girl gardening.  Now as far fetched as that might sound, I honestly have a girl friend who gardens with red nail polish on her toes!  I just think we really need to laugh more often.  So there ya go~ :>)

I saved these photo’s which I believe were originally from Fox News, then the city came out and took down the street signs from the neighborhood.  Seems like they were doing their intended job which was to slow down the traffic in the neighborhood, but I guess rules being rules, the city felt an obligation to take them down.  Honestly would any one driving through the neighborhood mistake them for a real city sign?    Just wanted to share them for a laugh!

controversial street sign

the gardening girl

a skateboarder