Thanksgiving Flower Centerpiece

This Design looks nice on a holiday table, we do this in seasonal colors and flowers for Thanksgiving, then we change it up for December by adding winter greens and more winter flowers in lime greens or reds or whites.  It really adds to the table to have lovely flowers included in the decor.  I have many customers who send flowers as a holiday gift to someone who is hosting a dinner or a holiday party.  I always think that it is such a thoughtful thing to do!

Centerpiece for a smaller table

Think about using a glass cube like this arrangement for a smaller table.  It looks beautiful if you add votive candles around it, it’s a warm and comfy piece.    Most people don’t add candles to the centerpieces any more, they use candlestick holders or votive candles instead.  Personally I like that look better, it’s more stylish .  These glass cubes look nice if you have a long table you can use three down the center of a long table with candles between them.

What ever style you do, just remember to add a little grace to your table by using flowers!